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Verse List/Extra Guidelines

Hello and welcome to my extensive verse list/some extra guidelines!

I am a little picky on who I choose, only because I don't want to inadvertently overburden myself, and in turn, give you as my potential partner, low quality posts. However, please be aware I will answer any PM and consider all offers--I do not leave anyone hanging, UNLESS you dont follow my rules in my other blog post or this one. That is the only time I will ignore or delete a new add. Most times I have auto-approve on.


Im looking for long term play as well as both story based/18+, without a focus on one or the other. Too much of one thing may get boring. But I will tell you if Im losing interest/communicate.



- Im open minded and like strange things. I will never force anyone to like the stuff  I like. But please be respectful. I will not shame or judge you for things you enjoy, as well as be respectful to you. So let me know what you like included in an RP, no matter how 'bizarre', 'weird' or 'gross'. No telling if I will include it though. Its just important to know what we like and what makes the RP fun.

- All my RP's are in messages and not on stream walls. I do not single ship unless we agree to something, and thats usually only if I wont be blocked/ignored suddenly. I expect long term consistent RP for that.


- Please have decent grammar. I do not expect perfect everything, and I won't harp on you for missing a comma or forgetting a period once in a while. But at least skim-read your post for any blatant errors so I am not reading hieroglyphics or a bunch of leet speak. I try to give you a quality write, only fair you should at least try as well. Non-native writers, this doesn't always apply to you--I will always be respectful to you--just try your best!


- Post length is negotiable. I tend to match, but often its a 2-4  whole 5 sentence paragraphs depending on the scene at hand.


- I had to add this, because its happened a bit lately: if you lose interest in an RP, maybe my style of RP isn't to your taste, or you decide for WHATEVER reason that you do not wish to play any longer, please, PLEASE just tell me. I promise I will not ask questions, spam you or bother you.


You dont have to go into specifics, but its a bit rude when I send a message asking if things are okay or if you are still interested, only to be met with silence or a block.

I understand sometimes ghosting (when you are offline and doing IRL priorities/etc.) but blatantly ignoring someone/blocking them while you have something going on with them is rude. All I'd ask is two moments to say 'sorry Ive been busy. Ill get to you soon!/Im not interested anymore' or please use wall posts to say you're getting to replies, I will be patient. Even if you can spare a minute for it right away, Ill be okay with it. But if its been a week+ of silence, I will probably delete. You're welcome to re-add later, but I may be selective.

Without further ado, I will use this blog post to give a general idea of how expansive I'm willing to get with RP's. Blue Text is current cravings!


Fandoms - Anime:

+ Beastars (A human visiting Cherryton the first time sounds fun, would love to be paired with Legoshi.)

+ Naruto (I'd love to meet Naruto.)

+ DBZ (any version, I'd love to meet most saiyan characters or OC's.)

+ Wolf's Rain (I would love to meet Hige, Kiba or Toboe.)

+ Blue Exorcist (I would love to meet Rin!)

+ Fullmetal Alchemist

+ Inuyasha (I do not have any interest in the Yashahime Saga, but -could- be interested in some characters from it, if I know of them.)

+ Fruit's Basket (Would love to meet Kyo.)

+ My Hero Academia ( Would love to meet Bakugo, Izuku and Kirishima.)

+ Haikyuu!! (Not too well versed in it, but interested enough to learn and perhaps play in the verse.)

+Sk8 the Infinity (Haven't seen, interested in some characters/verse.)

+ Fairytail (Not too well versed in the story, have seen some episodes.)

+ Ravemaster

+Saint Seiya: The Lost Canvas

+ Young Justice (DC Universe, would love to meet a beast boy!)


---‐----------> There may be more animes, feel free to ask if I know yours!<--------------


TV Series:

+ Troll Hunters (Guillermo del Toro series on Netflix, I'd love to play with a half troll Jim! )

+ Sweet Tooth (Netflix series, I'd like to explore custom hybrid characters).


---------------> There may be more TV Series I know, ask if I know yours!<-----------------


+ Zootopia

+ Luca

+ Marvel MCU: Spiderman

+Bad Guys (Animated Film)


------------------->I probably know LOTS of other movies, please ask or recommend!<-------------------



+ Monster Hunter (I love to play a hunter hunting various monsters.)

+ DMC (I prefer Black Hair Dante or Nero as a partner character.)

+Kingdom Hearts (Would love to meet Sora or Roxas.)

+Jedi: Fallen Order (Would like to have an OC meet Cal Kestis.)

+ Not gonna bother listing these, but chances are I know it, especially Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, etc.


Original RP Pairings/No Verse Established/Custom: Note that I prefer the human role, herbivore role, slave role, submissive etc. I do play sub/switch though.

+ Werewolf x Human

+ Canon x OC

+ OC x OC

+ Canon x Canon (Sometimes. I will consider it, but very rarely.)

+ Anthro x Anthro/Carnivore x Herbivore

+ Anthro x Human

+ Kemonomimi x Human (Human with animal features, like neko. Can be dog, wolf, cat, etc. )

+ Kidnapped x Kidnapper

+ Master x Slave

+ Monster (Monster Hunter verse) x Human Hunter

+ Mer-shark x Human

+ Seamonster x Human

+ Mer-fish x Human

+ Dragon x Dragon Rider Human

+ Borrower x Human (Basically, borrowers are mouse-scaled humans who live in  walls of homes or other places. They are often seen as pests to older people, but perhaps your character traps one to learn more about their secretive society, perhaps even tries to date one?)


---------------->Almost anything. Just ask and suggest, and I may be open to it! Some of these can be combined.<-------------

Questions? Just ask. I wont bite.




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My Rules and Expectations (For You & Me)

My Rules & Expectations (For You and Me)

1. I'm experienced in Roleplay; have been doing it for a little over 18 years or longer. I don't expect everyone to be experienced as that, and I'll even RP with people that are new, but I expect you to learn and give me substance. I won't be responding to one-line posts that don't give me anything to react to. One-liners are fine, just not when I'm the one doing the work and pushing the RP forward.

2. If you are younger than 18 as a player, don't contact me, period. If I at any time suspect you to be a minor, I'll be deleting and blocking. Sorry not sorry.

3.  Absolutely no drama. I'll slam that block button so quick your head will spin.

4. I am gay, and so is the character. Ladies, if you decide to come at me with a male character or genderbend, that is fine. I don't care about the player's actual gender. I won't be doing anything with traps, ultra femmy men (skirts, long hair *unless you play an Inuyasha or Koga, thats fine* stockings, heels, bows, etc.) or girls with 'junk'. I don't feel comfortable with female parts whatsoever. I'll maybe consider a male herm with interchangable or both parts (mer-people or snake people etc.) Twinks are fine, and semi-masculine men are fine. If you aren't sure, feel free to ask. But please be aware I can be a tad picky sometimes. Old guys and *some* bara guys... ehh. Not really my types. 30 or younger is about my limit.

5. I will only do third-person roleplays, and I expect you to as well. Please don't use 'you' or 'I' when addressing my character or yourself. I find it kinda creepy.

6. I like long-form paragraphs instead of these things: * * I don't mind them sometimes, but they get a little annoying to type.

7. Be patient. I'm not at your beck and call for posts, and I don't expect you to be either. I have a life, and more often than not, this place while fun, is for leisure and relaxing. I will do my best to get back to you as soon as possible.

8. Leon can be a sub or switch in relationship RP's, and I expect my partner's character to be a switch or dom, but preferably switch. When I sub, I don't just lay there and cry. My character is reactive and will be a force to be reckoned with, lol.

9. Let me know your preferred themes--do you like more mature-based things, or more fluff? I will do pretty much any kind of theme, but I am respectful of your limits.

10.  I prefer starting with OOC messages, hash out what we both want in the RP, instead of random starters first.

11. If you add me, please don't automatically expect me to begin something. I've had people make me send starters and they rarely continue the RP. If you are not interested anymore, or busy IRL, a little heads up is nice. I understand it gets hard, but please try. I'll understand.

If ya got questions, please ask. Im very relaxed and open to talking.


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