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06/27/2024 10:32 PM 

Mild annoyance of UK timezone
Current mood:  bummed

I believe there are only a few UK rpiers on ani right? And annoyingly most forget I'm from the UK so when I wake or when I sleep everyone's on a different schedule as per the norm of timezones. However, I had to make it part of my introduction notes that I'm on a different timezone because people thought I was ignoring them in like 24 hours. I'm literally either finishing work, sleeping or have a few hours to reply. It's incredibly lonely in the world of ani for me but I do my best. 
Yes in antisocial but I do my best with what I'm given 🤣 
Just a shame I can't connect more. Im not a discord fan. 

05/21/2024 09:52 PM 

Love & Truth

Things of note with Truth the character is that she is never loved, taken or the sole partner of any other character. It is an actual character build of the woman chosen by the writer. Truth is the final girl everyone wants partnered up but is always left utterly and bitterly alone in the end. 
A bittersweet finality. 
Truth is alone in the end. 

05/16/2024 08:01 PM 

Why I don't have discord

So most of the ani rpiers try to add me on discord and unlike most I don't use it really. Briefly did 5 maybe 6 years ago but not anymore. The one thing you should know is that the day I use it and ask for your discord? Is the day I am leaving ani. So until that day? I'm not leaving..

04/15/2024 02:31 PM 

I am for I am.
Current mood:  artistic

There once was a purpose. 
So driven and true, pure to heart and loved all it knew. 
The walls, the flowers, the very ideals the banners sored for.
Yet one day, like any other, a flame began to grow. 
In the minds of others and amount the plentiful ashen graves. 
The discontent and joyous resent, did cast the castle walls a dirty grey. 
Perhaps that is what started this purpose and turned it astray. 
From love and innocence to all that be famished and tarnished. 
To balance out the armor that bullied the prey to a cliff or had their way, 
that one Saturday was surely a sad and rainy day. 
Because on that day, the purpose deemed it so. 
They had been led astray. 
No more darkness, no more light or do as you say, 
so fight they did till their mind turned numb and thoughts were lines amidst the numbers. 
It was all fun and games, 
and Purpose? had had enough.
Enough, surely, was, enough.
It was time to end the charade.
In it's home, in its bed, to the lambs of prey it met, it coiled around its spit. 
"Take heed, take voice."
It spoke. 
The purpose on one knee bellowing out to all who dared listen to the whisper. 
"I am for I am, I am therefore I will be. Do not fear me, do not love me. I am the purpose of many."
Standing within and without sin. 
"You are enough, I am plenty. So let the happiness in."
The purpose coaxed with pleasantries. 
"You are you, I am me. We are one, so lets be happy."


04/14/2024 05:24 PM 

Current mood:  blah

Recently I've just been super mentally tired to reply or do anything. However, a wind rush of creativity ia coming back so I'll be able to reply to most people. 

03/11/2024 06:44 PM 

Writer Shenanigans
Current mood:  energetic

I don't have discord, probably never will bit always look forward to any OOC chat as it's always worth knowing someone's here to care about you even if you don't know them! 

Random Things about me: 
I'm pansexual like Truth, 5'2 like Truth and have brown hair like her with similar body composition. My habits towards caffeine are also as tenacious. 
I created Truth years and years with a solid foundation for her but recently upon finally being able to create her cause of death? I have been in two minds as to whether or not to keep writing her. Part of me wishes to pursue a new kind of character and another wants to flesh her out more or at the very least grow more stories with her. Hopefully this may come to pass otherwise I shall hang up my cloak and fangs to retire roleplay altogether. 

03/11/2024 06:38 PM 

Story ideas-searching for characters
Current mood:  contemplative

>Psycho husband with keen obsession toward wife. It is a human based rp with violence and disturbed themes. 

>Werewolf man to play key character Peter/Marxus, childhood love and friend of Truth. Presumed dead but reunited. 

>Galgorith, faceless demon primarily the sole caretaker and rough role model for Truth.

If you think you can fill it? Please send over a message OR friend request! 

02/18/2024 07:37 PM 

Science is Hell-Physics

Writing, 44 pages in and honestly..trying to make something make sense from a science point of view when you don't know it that well. Is HELL. I mean I spent 4 hours yesterday reading about wave propagation and then reading about gravitational collapse and just to add to it. Human combustion all for the sake of making something make sense from a theoretical stand point in literature. Pretty sure every scientist in the world will burn my writings. Then again...if by some random laugh of the world i'm right? well, then, s***. We are screwed. 

02/09/2024 08:15 PM 

Hello my Bellow
Current mood:  artistic

To the halls and the starry night, the forgotten walls and faces that carry me to the kingdom keep. The further we go, the harder we fight, and the longer my sleepless nights. What is it that you hold over me, that gives me no peace and leaves me cursed with endless strife? Perhaps it was the simplicity, the weight you give me in this life. A simple Hello my own personal orchestral death bellow.

I find you sitting at the edge of my bed, above my head, whispering in my ear. My cardinal sin or waxing wane, leaving me in eternal pain, dragging my feet through every thousand years. Must I recluse or leave this plain? To keep the fear of understanding you away from my neurotic brain. No caffeine or croissant, strawberry, or smile seems to shake this feeling that I'm drowning in the air even when I've been sat down for a while. 

Is this what mortals call pressure? Why is it so hard to do good when you perpetuate bad? When the weather and your feelings are intrinsically woven, the slightest change may make you sad. How unbecoming of humanity and immortality that we dare lay claim to anything other than destruction. From kingdoms to skyscrapers, bronze to metal, and harps to techno where have the cherubs gone? 

Do the gods even dare look this way anymore?

As a creature born of dark and disgraced in light, it gives me nothing but bile and spit to know we are our blight. I hear the death bellow calling and the waxing wane of love failing, tis saddening. Enraging. All consuming. To watch the kind be leashed and the cruel upheld, to see nothing but rot. Decay. And the facade that one day, it'll be all okay. Pray tell do you think this kingdom will do well? With it's hustling, it's bustling and it's shiny stamp of all is fair. 

Harrowing to know that the darkness resides there, in the bosom of all that is good and just. All that is right against the wrong. To see the poison grow so strong. I weep for those who have done no wrong, the children who laugh with free will, and the people who have built its shelter from times long gone. But all good things must come to an end. 

I am no hero, I am no friend. 

I am all, that is to know, that is to wonder what is about the end. Nothing. 
Forgotten and cloaked in darkness. 
Unseen and unheard, 
Silent, Harrowing. 

So run from it as long as you can, till I snap at your heels and coax your mind. Reminding you that the end will be waiting here, just for you. Run, run, scream all you can. It is not a place for little lambs, 
This is the end. 
A place for no man.

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