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04/23/2017 12:57 PM 


Name: Diamond-Rose Ryukia Akita Ame Sugita-Akachi 
Age: 10 to 16 (100 years old) 
Gender: Female
 Orientation: Straight 

Likes: Painting, Drawing, Music, Playing with her pet snow leopard, Snow, Being with her mother and father, Her baby brother: Renji Byakuran Akito Sugita-Akachi, Training... (sometimes)

Dislikes: Her father away, Being alone, Mean girls, others making fun at her, Heat, Bugs, Vampires (dont tell her she is one, she doesnt know yet) 

Bio: Diamond-Rose, is the daughter of Akito Akachi and Amethyst Sugita. Diamond is a kindhearted gentle young girl. There arent many things she dislikes for she loves everything pure of heart and sweet. She is similar to her mother only with less of a temper. She has the bravery, courage and ambitions as her father, even if he isn't around to see it. Diamond-Rose is usually by herself most of the time, since her mother is busy with her baby brother and her daily Queen business, she tries to have time for her daughter; her father on the other hand, being one of the most powerful men in the world, travels alot...ALOT, and she hardly gets to see him. She is usually quiet in her room painting beautiful portraits that her mothers admires but hardly has time for. Diamond-Rose has also taken her mothers position as the Moon Spirit, considering the horrible event that happened during her birth; that it why her hair is snow white and her vision isn't too up to par. Her fear of vampires is usually what keeps her from getting close to people, also the teasing she got in private school, from then on she became home schooled. She knows of her angelic state, but has yet to discover her vampire and demonic traits...will she?

04/23/2017 01:07 PM 


Name: Onyx Ophelia Saiya Sugita 
Age: 17 
Gender: Female 
Orientation: Bi 
Race: Demon/Angel 
Status: Single 

Likes: Graveyards, black and purple, bloody battles ending in all deaths, death, her twin sister(sometimes), creating chaos, torturing men and women (mostly women- likes to be tortured by men ;-) )

 Dislikes: rainbows, sunshine, Topaz (sometimes) (anything the symbol of happiness and joy)

Bio: Onyx is the middle child along with her twin sister, Topaz. She had short, shoulder length hair. She has one bang that covers her right eye, her hair is a dark purple with one blonde streak. Onyx would be considered the goth of the 5 princesses. She is Death's daughter thus the scent of death drives her mad:ghost, blood, anything death. Her eyes are a soft lavender, the only soft feature on her body. Onyx gives off an i dont give a f*** attitude, she doesnt really talk, only to her annoying twin. Its unknown what kind of guy/girl she is interested in but for right now she is just having fun torturing her adorable twin. Onyx's powers consist of every darkness: bringing people back from the dead (undead), taking ones life, dark magic etc. She doesnt really have a soft side, she hates wimps and cry babies. She loved heavy metal music, sleeping in graveyards and Halloween night.

04/23/2017 01:06 PM 


Name:Topaz Terra Timberly Sonya Sugita 
Age: 17 
Gender: Female 
Orientation: Bi 
Race: Demon/Angel 
Status: Single 

Likes: Smart guys, guys taller than her, guys, friendly girls, helping small animals or large in need, blowing bubbles, tending to her ever expanding garden, life 

Dislikes: death (there isn't much this girl doesn't love) 

Bio:Topaz is the ditsy blonde of the princesses. She is the complete opposite of her sister, Onyx. Her bubbly, goofy personality is what the girls love about her. Topaz has two bang that reveal hr golden yellow eyes with a lavender streak going down the both, her long hair goes down to her ass. Topaz is a very sweet girl, she is always talking about something that happened whether it be recent or years past. Topaz loves to see people smile, she has been trying to make her twin, Onyx, smile for the longest, but she hasnt given up hope yet. Topaz is very shy when it comes to relationships and other sexual activities, she would rather be dominated and play the helpless princess than be the dominator. Her powers consist of everything light: giving life, transporting between the worlds, everything light and beauty. Topaz loves to make people happy, small animals; she hates when people are rude to Onyx. 

04/23/2017 01:04 PM 


Name: Sapphire Shira Shion Kasume Sugita
 Age: 17 
Gender: Female 
Orientation: Bi 
Race: Demon/Angel /Vampire 
Status: Married  ( Complicated)

Likes: Children, making arts and crafts, painting, attending to the ryal family garden, caring for her kingdom, playing with her little sisters 

Dislikes: War, abandon, deaths, trouble, bad jokes, sleazy men, winy wimpy male (she believes that chivalry is slowly dying) 

Bio: Sapphire is one of 6 other princesses in line to rule the Jewel kingdom. She stands small at about 5'5, her body type would be petite. Her hair is the same rare color as her eyes 'sapphire', thats where she got her name. She has both an angel and demon side: her angel side is exactly that, sweet kind, innocent and very shy and religous. Her demon side loves to party, f***, and make everyone else suffer. Sapphire is very sweet, but once her anger flares up to the extreme point (which is rare (sometimes)) she will unleashed a mountain of power on you, with regret in the end. But other than that power, she is very loving, and caring. 

04/23/2017 01:02 PM 


Name: Emerald Esmeralda Ayame Sakura Sugita 
Age: 18
 Gender: Female 
Orientation: Straight 
Race: Demon/Angel 
Status: Single (too shy to look) 

Likes: Working experiments, playing with science, mathematics, geometry, being in labs, gardening, computers, swimming

 Dislikes: Being in heat, not knowing the answers, being called and 'egghead', being isolated 

Bio: Emerald is a bit of a nerd, with a kind heart. She spends most of her times producing lab experiments with her lab rat, (Rosey). Emerald is very shy, therefor is always by herself, she barely talks, even with her sisters. She would rather stay home and garden or work in her lab than to attend any social event with her sisters. It is really hard to pull her out of her shell, but she can easily attach herself to someone she likes 

04/23/2017 01:01 PM 


 Name: Ruby Rosalinda Ryuka Santamaria Sugita 
Age: 21 Gender: Female
 Orientation: Straight 
Race: Demon/Angel 
Status: Married to Romario (pregnant)

Likes: Hot and Spicy foods, flames, watching volcanoes erupt, surfing volcanoes, visiting the planet Mars and Venus, her sisters, being dominant, being a bad ass , her bad ass boys, and sweet daughter.

Dislikes:being pregnant, turning into her angelic state (thinks its weak), wimps (doesn't date shy guys-f*** off), snobby dudes, water, being cold, tan lines, catching colds, sweet foods (unless is strawberries and whipped cream-mmmm) 

Ruby is the eldest and also the hot headed one of the princesses, literally. Her eyes are always a bright crimson mixed with orange and golden yellow hues. Her hair is short, and spiky. Ruby has the perfect body, especially since she trains within the center of the Earth. Ruby's attitude would fall under the category of: rude, sexy, independent, sly. She is never one to bite her tongue, she always says whatever is on her mind. Ruby wants a guy that can handle her and her demon side which is ten times as worse as she is. Ruby's powers are everything fire and heat: Burning, melting, steaming, fireballs etc. She loves to hang out with her pet Phoenix, but watch out it bites. Ruby is currently the queen until she resigns. She loves everything hot, especially her body once she is horny, she knows a thing or two about sex(highly experienced) she hates water, cold (dont get me started on baths) 

04/21/2017 10:56 PM 

Meet The Hostess

Goth Host

Name: Rei Violet- Ophelia Ono
Age: 14 years (in human years) Actuall around 1448 years old.
Birthday: October 13th (always on Friday the 13th)
Race: Vampire
Position: Goth Host


Personality: Ran's name means,'Orchid', a flower as dark as her hair and soul. Believe it or not, besides the President Host, Ran is one of the top host's within the cafe. Who doesn't love a vampire girl? Though Ran is quiet, she does interact with whomever asks for a date with her, believe it or not she is a great conversationalist. Her bloodlust you ask? She hasn't found the blood scent that made her go crazy just yet,. but so far she had been taking blood tablets, oh and she is a vegetarian. (0.o) She rarely eats meet, only fruits, vegetables, and tofu based foods, with fish.
Status: Single

Likes: Gardening, (despite hating the sun), rainy days, thunder storms, romance novels (go figure), ice skating, bowls of noodles and donuts, being a smartass.

Dislikes: Sunny days, ice cream headaches, ignorance, being ignored, bananas, children who cry and yell, video games (always loses)


Loli Host

Name: Yukiko Crystaline Yamamoto
Age: 12 years old 
Birthday: December 10th ( Is it snowing yet?? =^_^=)
Race: Neko
Position: Loli Host


Personality: Yukiko, "child of snow" is a very bubbly young girl. She is, like Aoi, new to the club, but has shown plenty of potential. Since the Cafe is located within the Mizukage Academy, there are alot of young customers her age to play around with. She only accepts requests from, students her age or up to 10. (no higher!) She is very active, she loves the outdoors, but only during the Winter and Fall seasons, oh how she loaths the Summers and Springs. (Too many bugs!! 0.o ooooh bugs)
Status: Single

Likes: Playing with balls of yarn, painting, eating any and everything sweet, dancing to music, hide and seek, playing in rain puddles, naps

Dislike: Men boys, vegetables, swimming, playing alone, school.


Name: Kimi Sakura Sakamoto
Age: 15 years
Birthday: June 15th
Race: Wolf
Position: Hot Headed Host


Personality: Kimi's name means, 'noble', she is a very loyal friend. Her best friend, Aoi, always comes to her for advice. Actually all the host girls come to her to seek her advice, why? Because Kimi is hardcore, she will always tell you the truth whether you want to hear it or not. If not, then SCREW YOU, cause Kimi doesn't give a f***. Kim is very friendly, she likes a tough guy, who can handle her black belt, watch out she's got huge ti.....kicks. Shes also pretty skilled at matrial arts so watch out.
Status: Single

Likes: Fights, arguing, being right all the time, running, competition, chick flicks (she'll never admit it), spicy foods

Dislike: horror films, nerdy boys, homework, bananas, cats (I dont trust them!)


Shy Host

Name: Aoi Saya-Serenity Sato
Age: 14 years
Birthday: Febuaray 13th (Before Valentines day: "And i expect a gift on both days please and thank you.")
Race: Angel
Position: Shy Host



Personality: Aoi's name means 'love' which she has alot to give. Aoi is the sweetest, kindest, young host, she is also the new comer and right now up and coming. Due to her shy assets, it is almost hard for her to accept others trust. Especially when it comes to guys, she gets extremely shy, she runs to her best friend in crime/opposite, Kimi. It can be hard at times to schedule her appointments, when she spends half the time hiding. 
Status: Single

Likes: sleep overs, baking, poetry, singing (Alone of course), flying around, all animals

Dislikes: darkness, failing, being alone,  public speaking


Intelligent Host

Name: Akira Authra Tanaka
Age: 16 years
Birthday: April 1st (The first day of Spring, yet April Fool's aswell:Blessing and Curse)
Race: Fairy
Position: Intelligent Host


c813e69662b21ff57a33b4b202d818f36a1.jpg Maknia Mari

Personality: Akira's name translates into, 'bright', she is very intelligent. She is in tune with nature, as she is herself. Akira is, believe it or not, the second most popular Host, many prefer to have an intelligent conversation with her. This girl is very picky when it comes to the guy of her dreams, she would rather read a good vampire, romance, mystery novel than to go out on a romantic date walking along the beach. In order to catch her interest one needs to speak her language.
Status: Single

Likes: Reading, mathematics, problem solving, 1000 piece puzzles, dancing (she is a fairy), teaching others, tea

Dislike: the unknown, not knowing the answer, being wrong, things out of place, popcorn 

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