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[RP Advice] From Open, To Selective (Trust Lost)
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I am seeing an increase in Selective RPers, myself included, and it’s truly sad. I am here to cover exactly why many are doing this.

Within the RP communities we join, we join with this excitement that we will find amazing people to interact our characters with. We join because we’re happy to see other people that share our interests. It makes us happy to see there are others like us, to see others that have a liking for RolePlay just like us. When we find those people, our hope and wish is to interact with them and create a story.

Once we are open, we connect and communicate. We hope that we form friendships with the other admins we meet, as our partners. But with being open, also comes risk. As we are set to Open, we risk our characters being subjected to story materials that we do not want. But, being Open also introduces us to very admirable writers, those who love to be challenged.

I myself have felt this way when I was Open, but, things did turn as I progressed with RP over the years. I became Selective with whom I chose to RP with. You may wonder why, it’s because many that I met when I was Open, had used RolePlay to abuse my characters. Open For RolePlay had lead many of my characters being abused and forced into acts that I cannot mention. Therefore, I have become cautious about whom I let my characters interact with.

When you make yourself Selective, it means you are limiting yourself for the protection of your characters. Experience leads to this decision, and it affects everyone differently. I’m NOT saying it’s a good decision to go to Selective, but if your experience with partners pushes you thus far, then consider YOUR well-being as well as your character’s. You want their safety, and your own, and if you feel unsafe or uncomfortable with a partner; LET. THEM. KNOW.

If YOU feel you need to pull yourself away from being Open, to Selective, please bear in mind that it does limit your interactions with others. I understand you have been hurt from experiences with partners, but please, use Selective within reason. If you come across a new partner? ask them about how they portray their character or how build their OC is. The most you can do is say “I’m sorry, but we won’t work out as RP partners.”

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