09/19/2020 12:36 AM 

[RP Advice] Unacceptable Portrayals, Ruined Characters (Uncanon Portrayals)

I wanna l highlight this matter NOW. As I have seen this thousands of times in the past. So, let’s make ONE thing clear right now; this is NOT aimed towards anybody, this is simply highlighting an RP community issue as a whole, as I have seen it on multiple places I RP in across the internet.


This is unfortunately a thing that’s been going on as far back as I myself can remember. We all portray our characters how we feel they should be portrayed, and it’s not always canon. Thing is, some people do not accept different portrayals other than canon, and it leaves the wrong impression to some, that they no longer wish to RP anyone who portrays that specific character.

Yes, there was once I time where I too was met with an unacceptable portrayal, that left me questioning whether every person who portrayed said character, had the same idea. I felt like I could not trust any of them due to how many of said character, had been portrayed the same idea. There are many uncanon portrayals that made me uncomfortable, but I also spoke up about my discomfort and let said people know. Some were respectful to how I felt, others were not, but that’s sometimes how it is.

Regardless of portrayal, the lesson learned is that characters do not always have to be portrayed canon. Some different portrayals are actually really cool, and some are absolutely unacceptable, but those kind should remain in DMs or DISCUSSED FIRST. Don’t assume someone is comfortable with the portrayal of your chosen character. But, don’t completely block out interactions with said character just because some do not portray as you want them to.

-The mention of those completely unacceptable, are more-so Mature themes that SHOULD first be discussed. Mature themes are not completely unacceptable, but it should be discussed and made sure that your partner is completely fine with this first. However, SOME Mature themes should not be portrayed at all, they go beyond the borders of Mature and into a heavier trigger-based portrayal. If you disagree with these portrayals, let your partner know and ask for a lighter-themed idea.-

Be kind and respectful to your partners, regardless of how they portray a character. If their portrayal is bothering you, ask them politely if they could muse another idea, or politely dismiss them and thank them for their offer. Canon or uncanon, it matters not, please do not let a writer “ruin” a character for you. If you disagree with the portrayal, simply decline in a respectful way.

08/03/2020 12:03 AM 

[RP Advice] Please Stop, I Don’t Like When They Get Hurt (Meeting Sensitive Partners)

As silly as this may sound, it is indeed a real thing. I want to take some time to go over this, and hope in the end, I can make some solace. This isn’t aimed at anybody, I just want to help provide a better understanding.




Now, I know it can be tiresome to have a RolePlay partner who is sensitive to whatever you write. But, they really cannot help it. Some people can work with them, some people don’t click at all, and that’s okay. Not everybody is going to be comfortable with having a sensitive partner.


In my own experience, I was under the impression that some of my partners were completely fine with what I wrote. I learned the hard way that some of them were actually very sensitive to my writing, because they were actually, real life, emotionally attached to said fictional characters. A good example is when I had past partners who had a deep emotional bond with Noctis. The moment I wrote the original lore under the FF15 content, my partners began to beg me not to hurt Noctis because they loved him. Now, I understand they were emotionally attached to him, but I also felt like I could not give my best writing abilities because of this sensitivity, even feeling restricted from writing what I loved, due to this emotional attachment.


Some will tell you, as I have been told in the past “If they can’t take what you write, they’re not worth it.” and you’ll even sometimes hear from people “They must be a self-insert cuz they want this character to have a happy ending.” and it’s really the most unpleasant advice to give to people. While some of it does hold truth, the other half is just a really moronic way to tell someone not to RP with those who are sensitive to fiction.


As hard as it is to come to terms with, the fictional is very realistic to these people. To many of us, what we write comes from our own imaginations, pretending. For them, the fiction is very non-fiction and they simply cannot process the character they’re attached to, getting the dark treatment of writing. I have taken precautionary measures in writing a “Dark Themes” warning label on my About Me.


My point is, to overcome this, kindly mention the content you write. Don’t feel like you absolutely need to change your writing style, instead? first, ask if your partner is okay with the choice of content, or in my case; Dark Themes. It’s okay that you don’t click, not everybody will. Just check with your partners and all will work itself out.

07/23/2020 10:10 PM 

[RP Advice] I Like My Pairing, You Like Yours (No Ship-Shaming Please)

Admin’s Note: A friend of mine of another RP site was recently attacked tonight for a pairing they liked, and brought this issue to my attention. Without further adieu, I will cover this straight away in hopes of helping anyone else.


Everybody is allowed to have their shippings, regardless if others approve of it or not. In the end, that person behind the screen will still like that pairing. It matters not what we like in a pairing, even if it’s the most atrocious thing we ever seen or heard of. It’s one thing to say you dislike a pairing, but you’re crossing the line if you feel it’s okay to attack these people for what they like.

Many RolePlay partners whom have approached me, like Noctis x Luna because that’s the game’s story. They can feel that way about the shipping, even if I don’t. Some people do respect that I do not ship it, others do try to convince me otherwise because it’s in the game. Some of those same people think it’s cool I like the Noctis x Lightning pairing due to the original idea behind FFXIV before things were changed. I like the pairing, others do not, and that’s perfectly okay as long as we respect each other’s opinions.

Note: I used to be a shipper myself, but not anymore due to my own experiences that have been generalized as a whole in this segment.

Also Note: I respect what people choose to ship, but my exceptions will be excluded from this segment as I wish to abide by this site's Terms of Policy.

Don’t become that kind of person who attacks people for the pairings they like, you’re literally bullying them by doing this. Some even take it so far as to actually threaten someone who likes a shipping. They like what they like, and you like what you like, is it really so hard to accept that? There’s many MANY shippings I do not like, but I don’t choose make people feel bad about it just because I don’t like their choices.

If you have an issue with someone’s choice of pairing, refrain from being aggressive with them and just kindly tell them that you don’t like their choice but you respect it. It’s better to respect one’s opinions in these matters, rather than bully them over what you don’t like. Be kind to yourself and to your partners, respect them as they would for you.

07/11/2020 09:01 PM 

[RP Advice] “Seeking Role” RPers (Be Calm, Best Approach)

Admin’s Note: It’s been a while since I made one of these, and I had been pondering the best way to go about this particular segment


A while back, these people used to appear rather often. Various communities I’d RP in, had them for all kinda of fandoms. But, I want to make it clear that this is only MY experience with them, not everybody’s (please keep that in mind).

If you have ever been approached by a “Seeking Role” user, do not panic. They will ask you to play a specific character for them, but there is also a heavy down-side to it. There are both positive and negative ways to handle these kind of users. However, there are some users who will work with you.

In my own experience, on this site, I have received many of the negative users who endlessly spam your messages if you refuse. In fact, they will even warn you that if you refuse, they will spam you until you agree to play whomever they want you to play as (worst case scenario they will report you). The specifications they give, can either be a great idea, or completely inappropriate. I HAVE met SOME positive Seeking Role users who were pretty chill about my refusal to play specified characters, they often respect what you decide in the end.

Some Seeking Role users may be generally rude in communities they’re in. Even if you respond in kind, they may retaliate and resort to a form of begging and demanding. These Seeking Role users should NOT be dealt with using aggression, but instead be the better person and inform an authority figure in the community you are in and let them know this person is bothering you. If you are in a community where there is no admin, simply contact the community’s staff and provide as much information about said person as you need, in order for the situation to be taken care of.

While there are equally positive and negative Seeking Role users, they are still users regardless. Be cool with them, don’t give them a negative attitude, and if need be? simply talk to a staff and let them take care of it. I know these people can be irritating, but do consider blocking if the situation persists, it would be the more subtle choice of solution otherwise.

04/08/2020 05:43 PM 

Small Fanfic - Call of Another Star (Noctis In Eorzea)

Admin's Note: This was for a fanfiction contest on Amino, I cut it short due to the deadline otherwise it would have become a chapter book


He felt a gentle breeze brush against him, before hearing the muffled sounds of people talking around him. He was slowly coming back into consciousness, which his faint moans caught the ears of those who surrounded him. Though he could not fully hear what was said, he just knew they were talking about him. One of the voices seemed gentle, yet deep and stern “By his appearance, he is not of our realm. Furthermore, I contradict thou implore we abandon him here.” as another voice spoke, a little more feminine and demanding “We have not the slightest whence he came, do not place your judgement so early.” before a third had sighed, a young male calmly and softly “Would it not be in our best interest to wait until he awakens before we take assumptions? mayhaps if we get his word from him, we may learn a bit more as to who he is and where he is from.” the male proposes. An irritated growl was heard, before a sigh as the female replies “Very well, but I will hold naught a sliver of responsibility on him.”


Satisfied with this answer, the trio around the ravenet would see to it that he would safely make it to their Churigeons. About an hour later, his ocean hues finally opened. He slowly sat up and glanced about, realizing he was no longer in his realm. A sigh escaped him as he had no recollection of how he even ended up here. The door opened as a tall elven male had walked in, before beaming towards the ravenet “Ah.. he is woke...” he spoke gently towards him. The ravenet looked up towards the elven male “..... who are you?” he asks, almost hesitant. The elven male gives a nod as he sat at the chair by the bed “Of course.... Urianger Augurelt, formerly an Arcanist- now Astrologian.” he did not yet give his affiliation with the Scions as not to overwhelm the other.


The ravenet felt a bit more settled, relieved even, just by how calm Urianger was with him. He gave a nod, it was only fair he exchanged his name in return “I’m.... Noctis Lucis Caelum...” he too chose not to give his title, unknowing if they had any marks of royalty in this realm. Seeing the ravenet’s uneasiness, Urianger was quick to dismiss any worries he may have “Fear not, thou hast been under greatest of care by chosen Churigeons of mine own... however...” he began to think “Our minds are quite troubled, tis been quite the difficulty of healing thy body.. pray tell?” he asks. Noctis simply shrugs “Might be that my body can’t use your magic for restoration... since I’m not of this realm...” he could only theorize.


This made sense to the elven male “Right.. born of another Star indeed, under the law of another Crystal..” he stood up “I shall return anon.. pray rest until my return.. the Churigeons will be informed of thine condition.” he nods and began to walk out. Noctis nods in agreement, taking the time to explore his sick room and take note of all the different makes, sights and sounds. He began to smile, comforted by this change “Heh... I guess no one has heard of me here... which means.... I’m free of my royal status in this realm..” just knowing this, it made him feel quite relieved.. he could finally be himself and didn’t have to act like royalty.


Moments later, a youthful elven male and female entered the room. The female had approached Noctis, despite her height, she lifted her right hand and repeatedly poked his back “Alright, give it to us... are you one of them?” she asks as the ravenet turns around “Excuse me...?” he gave a confused look as the twin male sighs “Forgive my sister.. she is rather.... on edge so-to-speak... since the Garlean Imperials have caused quite the havoc upon the realm.” he explains. Noctis gave a shrug “I don’t even know what a Garlean is... but I know what Imperials are..” he sighs. This settled the female youth “Right... forgive me....” she backs away and chooses to sit in a nearby chair “Pray tell, whom may we address you as?” she gave a bit of a smile as Noctis nods “I’m Noctis Lucis Caelum.. though I don’t know how I ended up in this realm..” he frowns. Hearing this, the twins themselves couldn’t help but be sympathetic “I am Alisaie Leveilleur... and I am sorry for my mistreatment of you.” she apologizes as the male nods “And I am Alphinaud Leveilleur, Alisaie’s direct blood twin.” he chuckled a bit to lighten the mood, in which Alisaie sighs “Must you bring that up every introduction?” as Noctis laughs a bit.


A little conversation with the twins had eased Noct’s worries quite some. He felt more comfortable sharing some information about himself; explaining to the two just as Urianger had returned. Noctis beamed a smile to the taller elven man, in which this couldn’t have made Urianger happier in that moment. Pleased, he took a seat upon the bed and listened to Noctis share his story, surprised to learn that he was royalty of another Star. Alisaie and Alphinaud were just as surprised, but nonetheless, they accepted that he did not want himself addressed as such in Eorzea.


Released from his sick room, Urianger invited Noctis to return to the Waking Sands with them, Alphinaud encouraging the action “You must return with us!” he cheered “Scion or not, we shall help you become acquainted with our realm. You main arm?” the youth asks curiously. Noctis thought a moment, before materializing his engine blade to his hand “I was trained in combat with various armories, but if you have anything related to swordsmanship, I’ll take up arms on that.” he smiled and dismissed it. Urianger gave a grin “Thy shall take arms in unity, under the wing of The Scions of The Seventh Dawn.” he concludes. Noctis was settled.. he would be among the Scions with his time in Eorzea, trained under their mentorship even. Entering the Waking Sands, Urianger would explain their new situation to Thancred, leaving Noctis’s swordsman training in his hands.


Taken in by the Scions to learn his way through Eorzea, was the beginning of Noct’s life of a non-royal. The day he always dreamed.. had arrived through whatever event had pulled him to this Star. Though he did know he would have to return to Eos, he simply wanted a taste of what he would call “freedom” .... the Lucian closed his eyes.. reminiscing as he wished Ignis, Gladio, and Prompto would be able to experience such. Someday... he would find a way to bring them to Eorzea, and adventure together without the burdens of royalty holding them back.

01/31/2020 12:25 PM 

[RP Advice] You Add/Follow, You Talk/RP (Demanding Interaction)

I have noticed an increase of people like this. I have had many report to me about this very issue, across my social media. I have been a bit busy in real life as of late, so pardon the delay on this topic.

I have seen an influx of these “You add/follow, you talk/rp” people lately. It has become quite bothersome and frustrating to those on the receiving end of this little structure. I am all aware of what it means, and I do not support it in the slightest. However, even though these people do exist, we must not discriminate them.

In my own time, I too have come across these RPers. They are the type to believe that if you follow or add them, you MUST interact with them. I have seen many profiles with this tag on them, and it does hurt to be deleted if you do not reply in a timely manner for them. I have been deleted by several of these people, because I had to cater to my real life health. I have said to them “I am sorry I prioritize my health over a roleplay” and have been blocked later on.

Blocking someone for not replying to an RP is extremely petty, and very unfair to your partners. You MUST give your partners TIME to reply to you. Some of us truly do have our time tied by real life, and not everyone is ample to even respond to a greeting within a said amount of time. However, IF you are pressed for time, the fastest response you may give is a “Ty” which would count for the response for the greeting.

Do keep in mind that PATIENCE is key to a successful relationship with your RP partners. No one is “privileged” just because they portray certain characters.

12/28/2019 09:29 PM 

[RP Advice] Canon And Sexuality (Fanfiction Does Not Apply)

This was brought up to me over the last few weeks, I understand fanfics writers do have LGBT stories using Canon characters, but I truly must bring this issue to attention, as I too have been victim of this plight.

First and foremost, this is NOT meant to attack anyone who is LGBT. This is merely meant to help them understand and accept your partners that wish to stay as they are. When we choose to RP Canon characters, we choose to RP them as they are created, not altered or changed into something they were not written as. Friends who portray Canonly, have been receiving the hot end of the iron rod when they refuse to uphold RP with LGBT partners they meet.

I too have come under this many times myself, it is downright disrespectful to threaten your partner, for rejecting said RP with LGBT. Now, Canonly; Noctis is indeed straight, it is how he is written and how I choose to portray him. Because I choose to portray him as straight, it upsets LGBT partners that wish to romance him. However, I myself have been threatened for such refusal, by many who wanted Yaoi with my Noctis. This is in more than just Amino, it has happened to me on other social media as well.

If you partner wishes to stay Canon, please respect their decision. The Canon will not change their character’s sexuality just for you to RP with them. Expecting your partners to automatically change to LGBT only makes you look like a bad RolePlayer, especially if you are trying to force them to do it, then threaten them because they won’t do it. It is completely fine, if the Canon character is written LGBT by their creator, then it is natural in their Canon.

Please do not force your partners to change their Canon into LGBT, it is disrespectful and very unfair. Put yourself in their position and imagine if it was you on the receiving end of the threat or assumption. Again, this is not meant to attack anyone, but help the communities understand how wrong and hurtful it is to force your views onto a Canon.

12/23/2019 04:06 PM 

[RP Advice] You Don’t Ship? I’ll Leave (Rejecting Non-Ship Partners)

I have neglected this long enough, but couldn’t find the right way to bring it to attention until now. From the amount of suggestion and feedback I’ve received, I need to bring this to light.

Now, this is NOT to shame Shippers, but to HELP them understand, that not everybody they meet wants to Ship characters. Many Shippers do not realize how much they hurt their potential partners by rejecting them because they don’t ship. Many of us Canon RPers portray characters that are not the romantic type, but some of us are, and would be more than happy to ship with you. However, if you come across an RPer who is non-shipping; please do not leave them, it only looks bad on you for only wanting one thing from them.

I myself have had several partners ask me if I wanted shipping, but because I portray Noctis’s personality Canonically? I decline. I have upset many OC partners and many FF partners by rejecting their offer to shipping, do I feel bad? yes, but it does not mean I don’t want to make a story. My own preference is as Noct’s story goes; he absolutely dislikes the idea of love, the guys tease him about it through the game, but it truly isn’t his interest. I have even had incidents where I was threatened for rejecting a shipping RP, even being labelled a “hater” by some partners.

RolePlay does not solely have to be about Shipping, there are many of us who are just happy to build a story. But, if you want Shipping and are told “no” then find either find an alternative idea, or thank your partner for being honest and wish them to have a good day. Just because we non-shippers don’t ship, does not mean we do not want to build a story. Be mindful and respectful of your partner, shipping and non-shipping.

12/07/2019 05:59 PM 

[RP Advice] Forced Shipping (It Hurts Your Partners)

A topic I heavily need to cover, because this has happened to me more than I can count as well. My friends and I have had issues with partners trying to force shipping RolePlays on us, and I really wish to make some things clear.

Please, do not ever assume the partners you pick, will be into romance genres. It would take a lot of grit off if you take the courtesy to ask first, or even read their profiles to see what they do and don’t accept. Approaching your partners with “Do you want to do romance?” or “Do you do muse x muse?” is a good way to drive away a partner. It makes them uncomfortable, causing them to think you only want to RP with them just to ship your characters.

I myself have had many MANY cases, where my partners have only wanted to chat with me for shipping purposes. I don’t care if you want to ship, I just don’t want it to be the only thing you want from me. In the past, I have had to block many Prompto, Ignis, Lunafreya and OC makers due to this issue. The moment they read my profile and see I do not allow Romance genres, they no longer wish to RP with me and move on to someone else. 

You see... it really does hurt us, as your partners, if all you want from us is a Romance. There is so much more to RP than Romance, we are not here to fill your shipping fantasies, we are here to make stories and development. When you leave our chats or block us for rejecting Romance RPs, it makes us question ourselves and leads us to create rules that restrict Romance genres.  All we truly want is a story with development, and when you push us away, we begin to believe we will not find partners to build stories with.

Please keep this in mind the next time you ask a partner for Romance Genres. Not all of us want it, but a lot of us want a developmental story. Some of us are perfectly fine with shipping, as long as it’s developmental and not forced.

11/21/2019 06:04 PM 

[RP Advice] God-Modding (A HUGE “NO!”)

One of the main issues with RP now-a-days is God Modding. Many OCs are amped up with it. God Modding means a character cannot die or is constantly dodging being attacked or a direct hit. It’s absolutely inexcusable to over power (OP) your characters like this. Parts of God Modding also include using auto-hitting and instant death or instant kill. There ARE certain characters that ARE canon to these features, however, you cannot apply them as invincible.

There are rules against this, as it can change the RP into a chaotic debate on timely replies. For one; you cannot kill someone with a line that says “kills you” that would he considered instant death. You cannot continuously dodge an unavoidable attack like Heartless Angel but it CAN BE PARRIED if timed just right. For two; you cannot simply get up after a fatal blow. I see a lot of “the attack misses” lines or “gets up and attacks” lines in some spots. 

When you’re a canon character that has these features, you need to be mindful that the character does have limits too. Many bosses have a ranged level of their skills, but they are not to be increased in strength, leave them as they originally are. Keep in mind, invincible canon characters do too have weakness, otherwise we would be unable to defeat them. Respect the character and do not alter them.

Remember; God Modding has quite a list of features. But, canon characters who have these featured are also limited and do have weakness. Do your homework/research and do NOT ever God Mod, it creates an unfair playing field for those of us who simply want to have fun.


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