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[RP Advice] Relationship Matters (RolePlay is Not Real Life)

I actually meant to cover this earlier on in my segments, but I feel it really needs to be taken seriously now. It’s something that I’ve seen in the last 15 years growing ever so problematic.

First and foremost, there is NOTHING WRONG with having RP relationships. HOWEVER! it is a completely different story if you treat the RP relationship as if it is actually you dating the character. This is something I see going on and off throughout the different fandoms, and it really needs a reality check. I have had such cases myself, where the Admins behind their characters have fallen for me when I am, indeed, taken for real.

Many make RolePlay accounts for the purpose of hoping to get themselves a bf/gf. They see the reaction that fictional characters get and believe if it works for a fake person, then they become that fake person and it will make things work for them. This is far from true, it has happened to me several times. A Zexion had asked me if I wanted to be his gf, I told him I was taken and he didn’t have the best response to that. I asked him “Why did you make a Zexion if you’re not even going to RolePlay?” and he, not even kidding, said this to me “Because I wanted to get girls.” and I blocked him immediately.

I have seen it happen to my friends as well, they fear people like this because they hide behind fictional characters. It is NEVER okay to use a ploy to get yourself a date, in fact, it only shows people that you can’t handle a real relationship. Mind you, if you are using a fictional character to score a real relationship with the Admin of your partner, then you don’t have a place within RolePlay at all.

Use a fictional character for RolePlay purposes, not relationship goals. Congratulations if you actually do get a real date out of it, but it is pretty low of someone to step. RolePlay literally means “Role” and “Play” in which NOTHING IS REAL, it is all pretend, acting. Acting is the very marvel, very soul of RolePlay. Please do not ever use fictional characters for something like this.

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