07/13/2019 11:37 PM 

[RP Advice] Real Life Happens (No Need To Be Sorry)

I truly need to cover this, because I am seeing this more and more from people. Something needs to be said and eyes need to be opened.

I am beginning to see that more and more of you are apologizing for what happens in your real lives. Apologizing because your partners are waiting for your replies. Well, I have come to tell you, that you do not need to apologize for anything that happens in your real lives. Many of what happens outside of the internet, are things we have no control over.

I used to constantly apologize to my partners, for things I had no control over in my real life as well, because I didn’t want to make my partners wait for my replies. Many of my partners have reassured me that they will wait, others have indeed dropped me for what I cannot control in my life. Of course, when I was dropped, it made me feel like I was not worth their time. Many friends made me realize, that those who drop you over real life, are those who are impatient and choose not to understand.

No one should ever have to apologize to their partners, for their real lives. Many of us have health ailments are are working extra hours just to make ends meet. There are those who are still in school as well and are unable to make timely responses. Remember; Patience Is Precious, understand that your partners do indeed have lives outside of the internet, and not everyone can reply on a timely manner.

As much as the lot of us love consistency, please do NOT expect it. Times have indeed changed since the early 2000s. Be patient with your partners when they have real life holding them, not everybody has free time like you do.

06/15/2019 01:50 AM 

[RP Advice] From Open, To Selective (Trust Lost)

I am seeing an increase in Selective RPers, myself included, and it’s truly sad. I am here to cover exactly why many are doing this.

Within the RP communities we join, we join with this excitement that we will find amazing people to interact our characters with. We join because we’re happy to see other people that share our interests. It makes us happy to see there are others like us, to see others that have a liking for RolePlay just like us. When we find those people, our hope and wish is to interact with them and create a story.

Once we are open, we connect and communicate. We hope that we form friendships with the other admins we meet, as our partners. But with being open, also comes risk. As we are set to Open, we risk our characters being subjected to story materials that we do not want. But, being Open also introduces us to very admirable writers, those who love to be challenged.

I myself have felt this way when I was Open, but, things did turn as I progressed with RP over the years. I became Selective with whom I chose to RP with. You may wonder why, it’s because many that I met when I was Open, had used RolePlay to abuse my characters. Open For RolePlay had lead many of my characters being abused and forced into acts that I cannot mention. Therefore, I have become cautious about whom I let my characters interact with.

When you make yourself Selective, it means you are limiting yourself for the protection of your characters. Experience leads to this decision, and it affects everyone differently. I’m NOT saying it’s a good decision to go to Selective, but if your experience with partners pushes you thus far, then consider YOUR well-being as well as your character’s. You want their safety, and your own, and if you feel unsafe or uncomfortable with a partner; LET. THEM. KNOW.

If YOU feel you need to pull yourself away from being Open, to Selective, please bear in mind that it does limit your interactions with others. I understand you have been hurt from experiences with partners, but please, use Selective within reason. If you come across a new partner? ask them about how they portray their character or how build their OC is. The most you can do is say “I’m sorry, but we won’t work out as RP partners.”

06/08/2019 07:15 PM 

[RP Advice] I Have Anxiety (Coping With Partners)

This is such a huge topic I need to cover, I noticed a majority took notice of my old Tumblr post. It is true; I am a roleplayer with anxiety.

A lot of voices are silenced, because many do not understand. Anxiety is not to be taken lightly, or as a joke. Anxiety comes in more ways than one, and sometimes? symptoms are not even present. This disorder does not have a strong enough voice, this I know, but that is what I am here for.

I have 3 anxiety disorders myself; Social Anxiety, Panic Disorder, and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. I don’t always display it, but attacks themselves are extremely unpredictable. I have had anxiety since I was 3 years old, so basically I’ve had it all my life. I’ve learned to manage it over time, because I know it will never truly go away.

Social Anxiety deals with being around people. Crowds of people can be overwhelming for someone, even a small group of 3 can be a huge trigger. Even online, people may become overwhelmed by the number of messages they receive. This part of anxiety almost never has symptoms displayed.

Panic Disorder deals with the fight or flight response. When faced in an overwhelming situation, one either responds with aggression, hostility, or they just want to get the heck out of there. For me, personally, it causes me to want to run, cower, or hide. Behavioral changes are more apparent with this one, what you really want to look for in a panic attack? eye movement, hyperventilating, loss of balance.

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder deals with traumatic events in one’s life. This is probably one of the worst of them, dealing with flashbacks. Now, it’s not just flashbacks, but a simple every day item can bring a harmful memory to them. I will not share personal information, but I will say that events in my life had given me this result.

RolePlay gives anxiety sufferers an outlet, a freedom from their burdens. Just let your partner know if you have anxiety and need them to be aware of your triggers. Not everyone is going to tell you though, and not everyone will admit they do. Anxiety itself causes us to bottle up because we fear we will be judged and ridiculed.

I am a RolePlayer with anxiety disorders. And I am proud to share my knowledge with you. Please do not judge your partners if there is something that makes them uncomfortable, let them know you will listen, you will support.

05/21/2019 06:32 PM 

[RP Advice] I Am The Better RPer (Competitive Admins)

I don’t know why I didn’t think to bring this up sooner, but it’s something I’ve noticed for a few years now, and I really wanna clear some things up and help stop the bullying and defacing.

I have noticed many RPers will compete over who portrays their character to an exact T or canon. It’s been on my nerves for quite some time, and now I am making this known. Many RPers, who portray the same characters, will compete and try to prove they are better than the other person. Sure, you may have a different way of portraying that character, but you will NEVER be the better RPer. Holding yourself high and mighty above all others just makes the others feel like they’re not worth their character choices.

I have had people point me out as the better RPer of my character choices, granted I do like that I am someone’s preference, but I HATE being told that I am better than someone else. I do not like being the cause of someone’s defacing. I just have a different way of portraying said character is all, I know my character well enough to portray them as their original selves to my own preference. Just because I prefer to portray as canon does not mean I am the better RPer.

Instead of competing over mirrors/same characters, build each other up. Make suggestions to the other and don’t claw their chests about how much better you are than them. I am not a better Noctis just because I try to stay with canon and use his original personality. I am not a better Noctis because someone prefers my portrayal. You should not carry yourself with such a high ego and belief that you are the better or best.

There ARE preferences, but there are NEVER better people than anyone. You can SUGGEST them on how to IMPROVE their role, and it is solely their choice on whether they take your suggestion or not.

05/02/2019 12:18 PM 

[RP Advice] Sexism Is NEVER Okay (Portraying Opposites)

I should have covered this a while back, but I myself have been a victim of partners who were sexist. Let me shed some light on this topic.

Essentially, a sexist RPer will basically shame you for playing a role that is opposite of your gender. They will tell women not to play male roles because they aren’t men. They will tell men not to play women roles because they are not women. I have met many partners who have also had this treatment, and it truly does destroy one’s self-esteem, causing them believe to they will never be able to be happy with their writing.

I have been told countlessly that I should not play my male roles because I am not a man. I have been told I should be playing a female Noctis because I am a female admin. Many times I have been told not to play male roles simply because I am a woman. I have fought against it for years, but there is a reason I chose to pick up male roles with female roles. When I choose my roles, it is not due to my gender, but rather due to my interests. How did I fight against this? I simply said to them “You say I should play a female role, yet I had you very convinced from the start that I am true to my roles.” because they truly had no idea I was female behind the muse, until we broke into Out of Character.

Males and females can equally play their roles, and can equally portray them so as long as they have the means and knowledge. You can be a female and play a male, as I am an example before you. You can be a male and play a female, as I have seen such success from one of my best friends. But the issue? there IS shaming among this. Many accuse men portraying females that they only play the role for intimate desires, whilst females go ignored and get called “natural” for playing male roles. This assuming NEEDS TO STOP, it is killing our partners and causing them to make early retirements from RP.

Paint a picture, how would it affect you if someone would say “You should play a boy character because you’re a boy” or “You should play a girl character because you’re a girl”? would it not bother you in the slightest that there are people who will speak like this to you? true that you should ignore them, but also do not let them get away with it. Stand your ground when approached by such and defend on why you chose your role. I chose to portray many male characters; Noctis, Ignis, Adyn, and Alphinaud to name a few on the Final Fantasy side, not because they’re all males, but because their stories interest me as well as their characters.

When you shame someone for their role, you are only proving that you are not a true RolePlayer, but among the reputation of toxicity that others are ever showing. You truly need to think about how your partners must feel when you relay this shaming unto them. Take a moment to give them a chance.

04/16/2019 12:07 PM 

14. Defying The King of Astrals, I Set My Own Fate

Note: A great friend and RP buddy of mine had inspired me to write this, based off our own RP


He was through with being the King Astral’s pawn. He was done with this game of life that Bahamut bestowed unto him. The Lucis Prince, future King, was done letting the higher ups determine his fate. Bahamut had done nothing to stop outsiders from crossing into Eos, Noctis had felt heavily betrayed by the Draconian more than ever. He was going to set his own life straight, to challenge a Deity? what was he thinking?! 

He summons Bahamut to face him, using the very Ring of Lucis. He sneered up at the Draconian “It ends here, Bahamut....” he growls. His hands balled into fists as he materializes his blade to his hand “NO MORE WILL I BE A PAWN IN YOUR GAME OF LIFE!” he roars. The Draconian gleamed down towards the Lucian mortal, he knew this day would come.. but never suspected so soon. Bahamut wields his blades wings to his back, pointing down towards Noctis as each of the blades began to hurl towards him. 

Noctis lets out a battle cry as he starts to leap up to the edge of the blades and run up them, warping respectively from one blade to another as they were raining down towards him. He was determined to take his life into his own hands, no longer wishing to convey to a calling.

04/15/2019 08:30 PM 

[RP Advice] Literate vs Illiterate ( Identifying)

There is one thing a lot of people don’t realize. It’s Literate and Illiterate RolePlay. There is a difference between the two but the stereotype is far from the truth.

These are common misconceptions about Literate and Illiterate. The RolePlay community has crafted a very toxic version of the two. So much, that people are being judgmental over both parties. Below, are the following stereotypes of the two parties.


They’re extremely judgmental and are complete grammar nazis. They discourage you over a single typo and think you’re not worth their efforts. They’re super picky and always type in multi-para or novella and love to intimidate their partners with how perfect they are.


Non-judgmental, always welcoming. They love messing up and sometimes purposely do it just to get a laugh. They’re complete freaks and are sloppy with their writing, they care not whether they use one-liner or semi-para. They’re an abomination to the RolePlay community.

The above examples are the stereotypes, something that definitely needs to have awareness raised. The next section, I have constructed the truth. Below are what Literate and Illiterate TRULY are. Look at the difference, they make a lot more sense.


This means you take your muse seriously and follow their chosen characters thoroughly. It means you don’t make up stuff just to play a character to your preference. Literate means “I take my character seriously, I do not adjust their original design and I know my character well enough to play them as they are meant.”


This means that you don’t even care if you’re playing your muse accurately or not, it means that you play them how you see them. You don’t like canon so you make up something completely different from them. Illiterate means “Oh, yeah, this is just how I portray my version of my character. I know them, but I don’t like how they’re originally designed. I’m going to portray them the way I feel they should be, because it’s how I see them.”

Hopefully this helps to clarify these two parties, I wrote this because a friend of mine had recently brought up the topic. Take care and I hope you all have a better viewpoint!

04/10/2019 12:56 PM 

[RP Advice] OC Designing (Know The Lore)

Here’s one I need to cover since I myself was guilty of this in my earlier years, lol

Designing an OC for a lore isn’t always easy. In fact, it’s a whole lot harder than it looks. When you make an OC for a verse/fandom, you have to know the lore itself. You can’t mash things together on the fly and hope your OC is accepted, but you can borrow materials off the lore in order to make it work out on a moment’s notice. 

I am doing the impossible, combining two fandoms in order to construct one OC. Given I know both of the fandoms, I am taking pieces of the lore from each and applying them to make my OC concrete but not overbearingly powerful. I have set limitations on his abilities, respectfully, involving both lores. However, his overall foundation is for Final Fantasy XV. I have been working on him since 2017 and he is far from ready for his first public debut, I have only tested him with a few friends via trial and error on his development.

If you’re working to make an OC for the Final Fantasy fandom, be sure to know which lore you want to use, being the franchise itself has quite a few different lores to it. Borrow materials from your favorite titles, but keep in mind not to over power them stats wise.


This character is a Summoner like Yuna in Final Fantasy X, but they can also use Summons as their only means of combat. They do not use magic abilities or spell casting, but they can use a backup of a sword like Paladin class from Final Fantasy XIV.

A structure like that will not work, stats wise. But you can construct a perfect foundation with usable stats like this example below.


This character is a Rogue class from Final Fantasy XIV, but they can undergo training to get in the Kingsglaives in Final Fantasy XV because they also dual-wield and are able to use elemental fusion like Ignis.

These are considerable stats, to say the least. They’re within the same classification but one point up us using the elemental fusion implementation from 15. But, you still need to take caution on how far you take your melding. You do not want an overpowered OC that is constructed on abilities that do not merry together within Final Fantasy itself. Lore and customization are not the same, they’re completely different.

It is important to know your lores when designing OCs so that they can fit snug into their fandoms. Without taking lore into consideration, all you’re doing is throwing an OC into a fandom like a goldfish in a tank of piranhas.

04/06/2019 10:36 PM 

[RP Advice] Crossover Content (Expanding Your Muse)

We’re all familiar with contents of crossovers, and there is nothing better than a “what if...” idea when crossing one character into another verse!

Let’s start with the obvious; Crossing Over Content. It’s something video games and TV shows alike have been doing since as far back as I can remember! You guys remember the crossovers Disney held with House of Mouse and Club Mickey and Playhouse Disney yeah? that’s if you were around back then. But yes, Disney is one of the original starters of crossover content. They would cross over Aladdin and Hercules, Kim Possible and Lilo And Stitch.

Most recently, Final Fantasy XV became a game for crossover content as well; Assassin’s Fest, Terra Wars, Final Fantasy XIV. Crossover content is everywhere now a days, as for RPers? don’t ever be afraid to expand your muses and cross them into other verses. As a Noctis RPer, I crossed him into several other verses and he is rather accepted among others.

Some of the first crossover content I remember, aside from Disney, is Cartoonnetwork’s shows. They would throw in Dexter into The Powerpuff Girls, it was quite the surprise honestly. Granted it was a small cameo, it still crossed their shows over. Final Fantasy Dissidia is probably the BIGGEST area of crossover content ever. They take characters from the other titles and face them off in an almost unending battle to keep the realm alive. Their teams are even composed of different titles.

Crossover content is fun, but it’s ultimately up to YOU whether you want to engage in it. Don’t pressure anyone to crossover with you if they don’t want to do it.

04/05/2019 10:15 PM 

[RP Advice] Relationship Matters (RolePlay is Not Real Life)

I actually meant to cover this earlier on in my segments, but I feel it really needs to be taken seriously now. It’s something that I’ve seen in the last 15 years growing ever so problematic.

First and foremost, there is NOTHING WRONG with having RP relationships. HOWEVER! it is a completely different story if you treat the RP relationship as if it is actually you dating the character. This is something I see going on and off throughout the different fandoms, and it really needs a reality check. I have had such cases myself, where the Admins behind their characters have fallen for me when I am, indeed, taken for real.

Many make RolePlay accounts for the purpose of hoping to get themselves a bf/gf. They see the reaction that fictional characters get and believe if it works for a fake person, then they become that fake person and it will make things work for them. This is far from true, it has happened to me several times. A Zexion had asked me if I wanted to be his gf, I told him I was taken and he didn’t have the best response to that. I asked him “Why did you make a Zexion if you’re not even going to RolePlay?” and he, not even kidding, said this to me “Because I wanted to get girls.” and I blocked him immediately.

I have seen it happen to my friends as well, they fear people like this because they hide behind fictional characters. It is NEVER okay to use a ploy to get yourself a date, in fact, it only shows people that you can’t handle a real relationship. Mind you, if you are using a fictional character to score a real relationship with the Admin of your partner, then you don’t have a place within RolePlay at all.

Use a fictional character for RolePlay purposes, not relationship goals. Congratulations if you actually do get a real date out of it, but it is pretty low of someone to step. RolePlay literally means “Role” and “Play” in which NOTHING IS REAL, it is all pretend, acting. Acting is the very marvel, very soul of RolePlay. Please do not ever use fictional characters for something like this.


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