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Eternal Night: A Wand of immense destructive magical might. It is said to be crafted from ancient cursed black willow bark and the wax from a Moon candle. The Wand's core is composed of the rare Black Fire-bird plumage. One of the deadliest wands ever created, it has been passed down through the lineage of Waterhouse since the first ancestor of the family over 2000 years ago.(Air)


Daylight's End: A Staff with five interchangeable components that dramatically increase its paranormal prowess. The materials used for each piece of the staff mirror the points of a pentagram, in that their symbolism stands for concepts that embody the elements and spirit. The base is the Staff blade; a sharp edge usually carved from bone or metal. Up from the base is the shaft of the Staff; covered in a skin and adored in feathers, fur or scales. Sitting upon the shaft of the Staff is the Head; made from antlers, teeth or fangs. The final piece of this multi-functional instrument is the crown; a large gemstone that feeds crystal-like veins from the crown to the base. 


Devil Deck: A Set Of Tarot Cards with magic spells sealed within them. Dubbed the 'Devil Deck' they offer insight into the future as well as offensive and defensive means. Each card is unique, having several meanings depending if it is drawn right side up or upside down.


Eclipser: A Scrying Protective Pentacle Pendant that is worn by the heir of Waterhouse at all times. When not worn it rests on the Waterhouse Alter. Charged by the Moon, the gem crystal is composed of black onyx and pure starlight silver. When worn, it acts as a safeguard, protecting the wearer from outside influences- essentially making Eli's energies and senses infallible and nonabsorbent. It allows the heir to locate and detect that which is lost or being searched for, vibrate or hum to danger or negative energies and a great number of other supplementary skills. (Earth)


Dawn Drinker: A Chalice passed down for generations within the Waterhouse family. Similar to the Eternal Night wand, it’s ancient and was wielded by the first leader of the house over 2000 years ago. Used in rituals to ‘bond’ or ‘pair’ the cup drinker to the cup holder, those that take a sip from the chalice establish a connection unlike any other. For Eli, it acts as a collective well of knowledge; pooling from those before it to enlighten its new owner with all their experiences and conceptually measures the family's fantastic phenomenal paranormal prowess. (Water)


Eve's Rib- a Sacrificial Dagger made from one of Bone Dancer's own ribs. This bone dagger itself is nearly indestructible and sharp enough to cut most physical materials and inscribed with enchantments to cut most meta-physical ones as well. Acting as Eli's Athame, it represents one of his four elemental tools. Along with the three others, the dagger can direct energy for casting magic circles, controlling spirits, sacrificial invocation and other ritualistic purposes. (Fire)


Moon Mirrim: A Mirror of the Sorcerer Supreme and perhaps the most powerful of his items. The Moon Mirrim is a mirror made from silver with inscriptions along its cursed black willow bark borders. Within the frame that surround the reflective surface rests holes to place stones in for various effects. The uses of the mirror are almost limitless and include but are not limited to: Traveling through reflective surfaces, world bridging, binding, reflecting, sealing and trapping energies/entities /spells, self healing and true soul reflection.

Diary of the Damned: A Grimoire of the Satanic Power known as The Most Unclean, its pages hold a chronological account of the Fallen archangel since he fell from heaven- making it one of the oldest manuscripts in human existence. Made from the skin of babes and written in blood, the text documents the secrets of the damned. Spells, rites, incantation and rituals line its pages, along with who the Satanic power has targeted and conquered throughout history. It acts as a guide to all the seeds of Rabah that HE has scattered and sewed on the earth. It radiates evil and malice and is locked away in Eli's Satanic Sanctorum. Removed from its protected Cathedral glass casing for its weekly blessing , it is by far the most dangerous magical item within the estate.



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I.After Image

II.Animated Shadow

III.Anti-God Ascension

II.Apocalyptic Force Mastery

I.Aura Reading

II.Assimilative Evolution

II.Assimilative Shield



I.Beam Emission

I.Binding, Trapping & Sealing

II.Claw Retraction

I.Conduit Creation

III.Contract Bestowal

II.Chaotic Form

II.Conceptual Materialization

II.Cosmic Awareness


I.Dark Arts

II.Dark Doppelganger

III.Demon Creation

II.Demonic Telekinesis

II.Demonic Telepathy

II.Demonic Symbiosis


II.Demonic Weaponry Creation

II.Demonic Elemental Manipulation


II.Demonic Energy Manipulation

II.Demonic Martial Arts

I. Disenchantment


II.Emotion Metabolization

II.Ectoplasm Manipulation

III.Energy/Heat Consumption

II.Energized Body

I.Energy Circle Combat

I.Ergokinetic Combat 

I.Glyph Creation

II.Fang Retraction

I.Human Disguise


I.Impairment Calling.


I.Indomitable Will



I.Inner Power


II.Knowledge of the Unknowable

II.Killer Instincts

II.Killing Intuitions

III.Life-Force Absorption

I.Magical Energy Storage

I.Magical Energy Constructs

I.Magical Energy Manipulation

II.Malevolence Release



II.Necromplasmic Conversion

II.Negative Forces Mastery

II.Nether Manipulation



III.Omni Malevolence

I.Power Bestowal

I.Power Level Manipulation


III.Primordial Darkness

I.Power Echoes

I.Power Counters

I.Quality Sense

I.Seal Creation


II.Sin Detection

I.Speed Combat

II.Spirit Splitter

I.Spiritual Awareness

III.Soul Absorption

II.Soul Mutilation

I.Strength Calling

I.Supernatural Detection

II.Taint Generation

II.Tendril Generation

II.Tranquil Fury

III.Transcendent Fallen Angel Physiology



I.Technique Reading




I.Voodoo Combat

I.Voodoo Doll Creation




List of Familiars









Rabah's Absorbed Combatants


[Bleach Verse] Captain Level Shinigami abilities: Miles Demonic

[Original Verse]  Juni Jinushigami abilities: Acolyte Hytima 


Eli's Defeated Combatants


Bloody Knuckle tournament First round(Fall 2019): Kennith "Kuro" Jackson

 Opponent conceded after successfully defending against his 0 prep attack.



Bloody Knuckle Tournament Second round(Fall 2019): Noroi Kusanagi

Opponent failed to arrive to the match and after three uncontested posts declared the winner.




Tier I-[Basic]

Tier II-[Rabah & Host]

Tier III-[Rabah Only]

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