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"Our beautiful lands have been ravaged by a ruthless king and our people live under the shadow of tyranny. It wasn't always like this, there was a time when the world lived in peace protected by warriors astride mighty dragons...they are nothing but stories now. All we have now is hope that a dragon will be born again and one will rise to lead us to freedom." 

Skulblakas tale begins as anyone's should, at his birth. His mothers name was Serenity, a blue dragon from the ancient lands of Alagesia. She had met his father, a swordsman from another land when she had fled her home near the time of the fall of the riders. Taking on a human form she met with the once warrior monk and fell in love with him as he did with her. Together they wove a story of their own but that is a tale for another time. It soon came around that Serenity was pregnant and she soon began to have fears that while she could appear human her offspring would be born in its true form devoid of any spells to conceal its true species. Confronting her love she revealed to him what she truly was with heartbreaking reactions. He fled from her despite her desperate cries of sorrow and her begging him to return. Crushed and alone she had no where to go without him save her homelands and so returned to Alagesia. 

It had never occurred to Serenity the consequences of what would happen for mating with a human and with the live birth of her son she knew from the start of his life that he would be different. As an infant Skulblaka was human in terms of appearance though still had features that set him apart. Hair that was as blue as the sky and two golden eyes like coins made him seem unnatural and so made it impossible to live among a foster family without attracting attention. As far as Serenity knew her son was the first case of this ever happening having never seen or heard of another half breed existing. Regardless of anything Skulblaka was still Serenity's son and she loved him unconditionally. 

With age came change and Skul had many in his early years. While young like a human youth with a body to match his mind developed faster and gained the knowledge of his kin of past generations. Age was always a question and one that whenever answered was questioned again. At times Skul would take on a persona of an elder at times giving advice and knowledge while at other times he would act childish playing games and giggling like a hatchling  His mother did all she could to raise him never once regretful of his heritage knowing it was not his fault the way he was. 

Events would take a turn for the worst however as a secret from the past would soon rear its head in an event that would change Skulblaka forever. It happened late one night after he and his mother had stopped to sleep. While he played in an open field she hunted for their meal quite a distance away unaware of the danger that approached from the sky. Overhead casting its shadow from the moonlight over the tall grass a red dragon flew surveying the area. His name was Ravage and he had been following a scent he had picked up days before. The scent seemed familiar to him, one he had not known since his hatching but one that he held nothing but hatred for. Long before Serenity had ever known Skulblaka's father she had mated with another dragon. This unknown male had used her and moved on never caring for her and never being heard from after that. Left with an egg and no mate as well as a broken heart Serenity had abandoned this egg, its presence a reminder of her heartache. This egg however despite all odds hatched on its own coming into a large world having nothing. No home or family, not a shred of food or help. This small hatchlings heart soon grew cold and hard after having to survive day by day never straying far from the broken remains of his egg that soon grew too small to conceal him. It was around this egg though that he could soon smell a scent that lingered and it was this scent that he once again smelled and followed. 

Among the tall grass Skulblaka happily ran and pounced on whatever insects he could find knowing his mother would soon return with food. Never knowing a life other than the one he had he was a child that always seemed to be content with how things were. No danger came to him, he had the love of his mother and the world was his home for they went where they pleased, at least that was how he saw it. Ah but the innocence of a child is something that when lost can never be found again. As he rose triumphantly from his crouch, a cricket in his maw, Skulblaka smelled smoke in the air and eagerly turned to run thinking it was the smell of his mothers catch being burned by her flame. Instead however the sight that met his gaze was that of almost the entire field ablaze with crimson flames. 

It was as if hell were on earth with fire and smoke everywhere. Ash fell from the sky and the fire roared. Listening closely however Skulblaka was sure that was not the roar of fire but of his mother and something else. "Mother!" He called out hoping she would hear him but it was as if the fire swallowed his voice and smoke filled his lungs sending him into a fit of coughing. Fear gripped his heart as he tried again, eyes tearing as he could not see anything but the red blaze and the distant roar of his mother fighting. Inch by inch Skulblaka was pushed back as the fire consumed the area towering above his small form. Not knowing what to do he took a hesitant step toward the flames thinking if he ran quickly he could get through without getting hurt when a large shadow appeared and flew over him. Whatever the object was fell in a heap as if thrown and laid motionless save for a slight rising motion as if breathing. Running over to see what it was Skulblaka was horrified to see his mother clawed and bloody laying there half dead. "Mom!" He cried again pawing at her face. This seemed to rouse her but only a moan escaping her maw as she slowly opened her eyes. The look she had as her eyes met her son was one of fear, not of death but of his well being. She could not stand, her legs bitten or broken, she could not move nor lift her head. All she could do is watch her son with tears in his eyes trying to lift her head. "Run." She whispered to him though he did not move shaking his head. "RUN!" She begged him not wanting him to be harmed. Once again he was going to refuse when a second form emerged from the fire, its horned head held high and eyes glaring down at the fallen dragon. 

Her body hid her son from his sight but she knew that if Skulblaka did not run he would be killed without a second thought. There he sat rooted to the spot terrified as he could see the horns of another dragon just over his mothers body but before he could take another step Serenity rolled despite great pain onto her legs and flared her wings roaring as if to drive off the red dragon. "GO!" She cried as if to tell the red though in reality she had screamed to her son to flee. With all his effort Skulblaka tore his gaze from the back of his mother facing down the red and ran into the tall grass. He ran and ran never looking back despite hearing the roars of pain and anger. Only when reaching the forest did he finally turn back to look upon the inferno that had engulfed the field but could see no sign of his mother. It would be days before Skulblaka returned to this desolate wasteland where only charred earth remained. As he walked through the ashes he soon came upon a large object, a black mound. Slowly he made his way around it not realizing what it was till he came upon the head of his mother. He did not cry out, he did not run, he only looked upon the remains of his past life.

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