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04/26/2020 06:47 PM 

Ankoku's Magic System

Given how I tried to make the magic system of Ankoku unique from other worlds, I will try to give here a solid explaination of how it works

In Ankoku's world, magic is a glitch of the ordered system of the world, which people with specific souls may be able to resonate with it. Magic is thus an outer source of power people can tap into and, because of it, there is no theoretical upper limit in how much someone can manipulate such error.
In Ankoku's world, Souls, or at least the projection of a soul as interpreted by the study of magnetic fields in said world thanks to an exclusive field called 'Animarium', are made up of 'strings'
  •  Strings of Strength (red), Intellect (blue) and Willpower (yellow) exist from birth and give an outline of an individual's personality 
  • Strings of Knowledge (silver) are numbered instances of enlightenment state. They deline character growth and evolution, and they further mold the soul Only through said strings of Knowledge, people can perform amgic

Magic doesn't have an MP system. Theorically, in an RPG set in the world, everyone would have infinite MP, but they would be hindered from performing high level magics by the complex math behind it. A magic practitioner is manipulating the error of a scientifc system, thus requires to be able to introduce a new set of variables to create a new control scheme for your spells. Furthermore, a magic cannot be tuned it without a direct contract with the element you seek to manipulate. Said element is usually defined as 'medium'

Therefore, the main issues are therefore
  • The high mental strain on having to perform in your mind
  • The presence of a medium to channel your magic through
  • The backfiring if you have performed wrong equations and your magic goes out of control.
The scope is the level of influence a person's soul holds on the world. The factors of how such scope grows are theorized to be several factors, including charism, knowledge of the world as well as your inner balance between Strength, Willpower and Intellect (see below).

The only way to see someone's scope is by using powder of Animum (a traslucent element common in Ankoku's world) and magnetic fields to map out a person's soul. An average soul usually has a scope the size of a closed fist, with some exceptional one being the size of a torso, although there are legends of individuals whose influence was far greater. There are speculation a person's scope can potentially grow ad infinitum, with no upper limit known.

By using the Animum, it is shown that by push a soul's scope through magic to its current limit causes the magic practioner's eyes to glow the colors of a person's soul. While normally the outer effect of magic are invisible until the equations you are perfoming are complete, If a person's scope exceeds the a person's body, it manifests as several psychedelic silver thead-like endrils coming out of your body which telegraph where your magical sway is being directed at, as well as other undescribable phenomena.

People from Earth or other words besides Ankoku's don't need Animum to see these effects 

- ELEMENTAL MAGIC - it comes from making your string of knowledge resonate with nature, called so because the limitation is divided in ten separate 'elements'. The Natural Element, as clearly visible in the material plane (Fire, Water, Earth, Wind, , actually these days renamed as Heat, Moisture, Mineral, Atmosphere), the Spectral Elements, called so for their representation as 'spectres' on physical planes (Sound, Light, Electro-Magnetism, Gravity), and the so called Super Elements for not having properties matching neither natural nor spectral elements (Organic Tissues, Plasma). A person's soul is normally predisposed to have access normally to only one element, but there have been cases of people straining their souls. To do so, however, may cause excessive strain to a person's soul

- EVOKATIVE MAGIC - Coming from the resonance between souls. This way people may affect each other's minds, as well as souls (heavily discouraged due to the effects of a soul being strained). The highest form of Evokative Magic is called 'Magical Highjacking', tuning with a soul to be able to use their magic. The power of Evokative magic seems to work strictly based on the scope of a soul.

There are theories on the possibility of mixing the two magic to create what is temptively called ARCHETYPICAL MAGIC, which would require to resonate with the universe to manipulate more abstract concepts, but it's currently viewed as nothing but nonsense. People who have claimed to be able to manipulate things such as Reality, Law, Truth or the definition of Concepts in general have been unable to hold a consistent sway.and have had their mind shattered in the process. An exception who claims to have done so and come back has written the following in their texts

'We have believed a lie. There is no Law, no Concept, no Truth, just what people want to see.
In other words, conceptual magic is make-believe bullsh*t'

The texts are currently thought as nothing but the pleaded cries of attention.
Due to the effects a soul can have on the universe, there is a 'shield' to avoid a person's soul to mutate their body which we call Mind, that allows us to view the world as an ordered system, besides the awareness and manipulation of the glitch we call magic To perform different magics besides the one we are disposed of, however, different wavelengths are drawn that seep past the mind. This is what is called the Strain of a Soul. Mental disorders are the traditional side effects, but there have been cases such strain have impacted a person on a genetical level. 
- ENSOULED ONES (Warlock / Witches)- Still 'human', these people usually have a higher tuning of magic, as well as minor but noticeable genetic quirks (small horns, hair or skin of unusual color etc...). To reproduce with an Ensouled One gives equal chances of the offspring being Ensouled or human.

- EARTHLESS - The strain is such that the practicer is no longer considered human, with the nervous system ordering the production of unique DNA quirks that completely alter a genetic make up of a person. As they seeen as 'belonging to nothing', said individual are called Earthless. To reproduce with an Earthless will only generate Earthless offsprings. Earthlesses are the race considered with the highest magical tuning, but also as the highest change to turn Ravenous (see below).

- RAVENOUS ONES - The ultimate rupture of a Soul, to the point even the animarium shows that the very manifestation of a soul has been changed to a form that seems to be akin to a rip at the core. Ravenous Ones are parasitic in nature: to keep their soul balanced and not risk to become completely maniacal and lose any rationality, they need to consume blood or flesh from people with a stable soul to be able to mimick their soul's stability. Thankfully they are sterile, so there is no chance of a Ravenous One having 'ravenous children'
::THE TR ̸̞̻̫͇ ͔̯̫͎̩̻͠U ̮̻͚̼͢ ̨̬TH OF SOULS AND MAGIC::
An̨d̶ ͞t͝h̵e͡ ͠c͘o̴g͟s̡ ͏cr͘e̕ak ͞a̶ m̡elo̢d̀y͏, ͜h͟e͏ar th͡e̕ d̕e̴f̷ea͟n̛i̢n͟g̨ ͘di͠rg̷e҉s rise̕ ̵a͘ǹd͜ ̛t͞he͟ ones ̡w̶ho ͜w̕o҉uļd ͞n͞ev͜e͠r ͝bȩ ̸beh̶ol̶d̡i̷ǹg̡ ͜t̶h̡e̴ ̧e͝n̨d w̛it̕h ͠a ̀t͟h͞ou͝şa̛nd ̢eye̢s 

04/25/2020 10:06 PM 

HEADCANON - Ankoku’s Speech Patterns

When speaking in Japanese, Ankoku has multiple quirks in terms of language, some of which cannot be properly translated in English without sounding off. Here are a few examples

- Ankoku addresses himself as ‘sessha’ (拙者, lit. this clumsy person). He does however employ ‘boku’ (僕) in private or when he is particularly distressed.
- He employs ‘kenjougo’ (謙譲語, literally 'humble language', the speech pattern employed by Japanese workers to talk about their action to their superiors) to express himself.

EXAMPLE - The simple way to make a verb into the humble form.
お ( = o) + verb masu stem + します( = shimasu) / (more polite) 致します = いたします ( = itashimasu.)
The honorific form of する ( = suru )= to do is 
→致す= いたす = itasu
→(masu form) 致します = いたします = itashimasu

- He uses at the end of his sentences ‘asu’ (あす) rather than ‘desu’ (です), mirroring the textbook he has read back when he was learning the language
- To address others, Ankoku used ‘kisama’ (貴様, born from the expression ‘ki’ that means you and  the honorific ‘-sama’, could roughly mean ‘your highness’), however as he found out the public bastardized its meaning into being the rudest way to talk to someone, he has used ‘anata-sama’ (貴方様 or more commonly あなた様) . He tends to use ‘-san’ towards everyone except for heroes where he employs ‘-dono’ or villains where he uses no suffix whatsoever to display his back of respect towards them,
- He tends to employ archaic or disused language in his speech. He also tends to use Kanji for even words that rarely use them such as ‘Subarashi’ (素晴しい) and ‘anata’ (貴方)
- Ankoku’s laughter in Japanese are either おほほほほほ (ohohohoh), a shyl laughter, when deferential or, when genuine, あはははは (awawawawawa), which is a more conniving one.
- When Ankoku says ‘hero’, in Japanese, he is mainly using ‘shujinko’ (主人公, lit. ‘main character, protagonist’) or Eiyū (‘英雄’ lit. ‘great man’), but he does occasionally uses the other terms depending on the context
- Ankoku Yami’s name is literally written 闇暗黒 (Yami Ankoku). Due to how it’s written, with the kanji for Darkness (yami), Dark (kura) and black (kuro), its meaning is roughly ‘dark blackness’, thus at times he changes his name to ‘八美アンコク’ (Yami Ankoku, but without the edgelord meaning, using the kanji for  ‘eight’ (hachi) and ‘beauty’ (mi) to write Yami and the hiragana for Ankoku)


An example of Ankoku speaking


貴方様に幸せな日を! 拙者は闇暗黒、それに主人公になりたいあす

Anata-sama ni shiawasena hi o! Sessha wa Yami Ankoku, sore ni shujinko ni naritaiasu

“Happy day to all of you. I am Ankoku Yami and I want to be a hero”





Yūsha sessha ni naritai 
Gōketsu sessha ni naritai 
Shunketsu sessha ni naritai 
Jobu sessha ni naritai 
Eiyū sessha ni naritai 
Sh*te sessha ni naritai
Shujinkō sessha ni naritai


I want to be a brave man
I want to be a great man
I want to be a genius
I want to be  strong 
I want to be a hero
I want to be the leading part
I want to be the main character
(NOTE: You can translate every sentence as ‘I want to be a hero’)





Yūsha Gōketsu 
Shunketsu Jobu Eiyū 
Sh*te Shujinkō 

… hey, it’s an Haiku!

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07/11/2018 04:42 PM 

Guardians of the Makai - CHAPTER 1


BANG and JAM are standing in Jam’s restaurant, JAM still upset at BANG having barged through a wall of her restaurant

BANG: Anyhow, you are a human as well… how did you get into Makai?
JAM: (turning at BANG, upset tone as she is cleaning up, doesn’t look at Bang’s half naked bod) How did /you/ get into Makai into the first place?
BANG: (gives a big grin, sounding completely confident of himself) I did NOT trip down the stairs in real life and woke up like this!
JAM: Uh uh… And why you still here?
BANG: Oh right… I got this (pulls a stone from… somewhere on his back) Look at it

JAM backs away in shock at the sight, terrified by the ki emitted by the stone, immediately recognizing it

JAM: A … Demon’s Crest? (begins panicking)

BANG: Indeed. I! BANG SHISHIGAMI, Shinobi who fights for Justice and Love, have an amazing plan. I plan to take all the six Demon’s Crest and use them to return home! I shall leave behind this land and return to my beloved Kagutsuchi to save EVERYONE! AHAHAHAHAHA! Hey, tell me, milady… uh..

JAM: Ayaa, I Kuradoberi Jam, Mr. Shishigami.


JAM: … do the Crest even create portals?


BANG doesn’t know

BANG: … I am sure they do. Unlimited power and stuff! EVerything is possible as long as we believe in them. Now, the issue is, the assassin who is stalking me?

JAM: Assassin?!



MILEENA walks down the halls, getting into the top floor, where MORRIGAN, in her new ‘Ravager’ outfit, is relaxing

MILEENA: I did as you requested, succubus, now it is time you uphold your part of the bargain

MORRIGAN: Oh… upheld it… uphold it you did… *giggles* part of the payment is still latched on your leg ♥ !

MILEENA looks down and notices a succubus is indeed still wrapping her arm around her calf,

MILEENA: Return to the bed!! (she quickly shakes the succubus off, walks limping a little) I took care of your entire crew… now… you tell me where is the Water Crest

MORRIGAN: Oh, how rude, to the one who saved you from Jedah, no less! I thought you’d comment on them. I boast my crewmates to be the best lovers in all of Makai

MILEENA: Seven out of ten! Edenians are better (and I am half Edenian). Now tell me where is the Crest

MORRIGAN: (sighs) Ugh, fine. (She opens a window, points at the restaurant) The one who took the Water Crest is down there. See that weird looking restaurant? He is down there. Now go and make daddy Kahn proud and remember, in exchange for my magnanimous help you, you let me have an audience with your fa-

While MORRIGAN is talking, MILEENA jumps out of the window

MILEENA: Death to everyooone!!

MORRIGAN: … I like that girl ♥ A shame I am using her to backstab both her and her daddy ♥



MILEENA crashes through the restaurant’s ceiling, right next to the hole BANG made

JAM: Oh come on!

MILEENA: Who has the Demon’s Crest?

BANG: … me?
MILEENA: Good! You stole it from Demon Lord Jedah… I was supposed to steal it from Demon Lord Jedah! How did you even get it? I was as fast as possible to get through his death trap course, but he still got me.

BANG: (gives a flashing grin) Well, when I was cornered, I used the secret technique of the Ninja School of Kagutsuchi the FUH-RIN-KA-ZAN! (JAM covers her ears) and moved with such magnificent and burning passion and such speed that my clothes were torn asunder

JAM: Ayaa! Too much information

BANG: And thus I got the Demon Crest! This is the power of mankind!



JAM puts herself between MILEENA

JAM: No no

MILEENA: The Pacifistic approach is to take you, little chinese girl and shove you up inside the big burly man

JAM: .... why?
MILEENA: I don’t like humans. A human took my sister away from me.

JAM: Isn’t that a bit too cruel?

MILEENA: And humans keeps spurring me because of my perceived ugliness

BANG: But this is a bit exaggerated and you are honestly, ma’am pretty beautiful, if I may so

MILEENA takes off her mask.

BANG: *distressed gasp*


MILEENA  (puts mask back on) and it was a human who decided I should have gotten this feral form, thus condemning me to this life of ugliness and insanity

JAM: But … You not have people who love you? Like your papa?

MILEENA: He was killed by a human!! It’s why we are in hell!

BANG: Amazing, truly you have reasons to hate humans

JAM: it cannot get any worse

BANG: Unless Bounty hunters catch us up!

An explosion from the wall. JAM lets out a frustrated scream. From the giant cloud of dust, a small minute figure, barely two feet of height, shows up

JAM: Kitty!

IMPMON: Mileena Kahn, you are under arrest for being the daughter of Shao Kahn, and having broken in Jedah’s palace and stealing the Water Crest!

MILEENA: D’awwww, cute little kitty! I did not steal it, it was that dumbass (points at BANG)

BANG: I am that dumbass!... wait what?

IMPMON: First of all, I am a Digimon. Secondly, fine, I am arresting you both. You are the most wanted in Jedha’s domain, besides, of course, STAN LEE, always wanted for a cameo in the next MARVEL movie!

MILEENA moves close to him and literally looks down on him

MILEENA: Pfft… Hahaha… Listen… little Imp… you are barely the height of my knee… how do you think you can arrest me, Princess of Outworld?

IMPMON: First of all… I am not powerless (Conjures multiple fireballs)

MILEENA looks impressed and is about to step on him but she notices a bright light in the distance. She jumps away as a giant arrow of light hits the restaurant, destroying a part of the Floor. JAM puts her hand on her hair, exasperated.

IMPMON; Not to say, who says I came alone. Say hello to my partner. Partner, say hello!

Succubaby is sitting a few feets apart, waves at everyone

LILITH: I am Lilith!


IMPMON; And I am here to arrest you all!

JAM: But I innocent!

IMPMON: Eeeh, you will be arrested for being… accomplice!


LILITH begins to shoot more energy arrows while rushing to join the fray.

BANG; But we can all be frieeeeeends!


JAM looks around. Holes in the ceiling, holes in the walls, holes on the floor: everything she loves and has left is being destroyed by these four people showing up.

Already she had been living for an entire year in this foreign kingdom at war, without her friends, with trouble to cook ingredients that refuse to die or stay dead, and her piggy bang pretty light...


JAM: AYAAAAAAA! This stop now! I throw Demon Crest far away from my restaurant. I sending you all tab for damage later!

Jam makes a high kick, its shockwave alone sending MILEENA, IMPMON, BANG and LILITH out of the restaurant, making Another Hole. LILITH catches IMPMON in mid air


IMPMON: Lilith, plan B!


BANG: You all force me to fight in self defense now!

JAM: AYA!!!!

Four way epic brawl ensues. MILEENA jumps on BANG’s face and JAM engages her hand to hand combat

MILEENA: Bad choice, pumpkin, my sai are made to break swords, your little hands can do nothing against them

JAM: First rule of Shotokan Karate (grabs Sais) Assume your opponent has swords for hands harder than steel! (throws Mileena away)

LILITH makes a sliding attack, tripping JAM, but she is intercepted and picked up by BANG

BANG: So… why is a little child like you acting like a bounty hunter? Do you want to become my apprentice? You get to wear a red loincloth

LILITH: I am Lilith ♥

IMPMON: (while running away from Mileena trying to eat him and setting up multiple fireballs) LILITH NO! Don’t get distracted… and you all… BOMB VOYAGE! AHAHA! (sets up every fireball to make a loud explosion)



NUI notices the large mushroom shaped explosion

NUI: Squad, we have a 34-67-12. Yes, a four-way deathmatch between a Chinese, a Rookie level Digimon with a Succubaby, an Outworldian magical bio-weapon and a shaved bear! I need reinforcements



As the cloud of dust dissipates, BANG is the first coming out but pulling out his nail he uses it to guard himself against JAM’s incoming fist.


JAM backs away

JAM: (places hands together bows as a sign of respect) Heaven blessed with with powerful hands, steel breaks before them, yet your weapon intact. Very strong weapon, Mr. Sushi-gami.

BANG: Thanks, Miss Jam (wait, Sushi?). It was my master’s memento

JAM: Your master great and skilled man, unlike you, brutish pervert! Put clothes on before entering a public place before a maiden!

BANG: uhh?

IMPMON pops up behind a rock

IMPMON: Wait a second, why are we fighting each other if it’s only the Big Guy who has the Heaven’s Crest?

JAM: …*gasps* He right!

MILEENA and LILITH show up of nowhere, cracking their knuckles behind BANG

BANG (scared): ….Uh oh

MILEENA: Let’s gang up on him!



BANG: (puts hand over his face) AAAAAARGH!

IMPMON, JAM, LILITH and MILEENA beats beating the ever living sh*t out of BANG: JAM steps on his face, MILEENA is strangling him with her tights, LILITH is straddling him while punching his chest and IMPMON is kicking him in the groin.

BANG is crying in pain, accidentally drops the Crest.

MILEENA notices it and steals it. Just after she eats it to hide it, she feels someone cuffing her, and

NUI: You are under arrest!

MILEENA: Pfft, you are putting /me/ under arrest with what army.

MILEENA notices another NIU show up… And another. And another. And another. And another. And another. And another…

All the NUIs: This army! We are the Fashion Police of Makai!

NUI: We are all arresting you with the following accuses. (points at MILEENA) Theft and horrible hairdo  (points at IMPMON) Unlicensed bounty hunting! (points at BANG) Being a bear


NUI: (points at JAM) Being the bear’s accomplice


LILITH holds her arms out

LILITH (sad): I am Lilith :(

IMPMON: She wants to be arrested as well because she doesn’t like being left out

NUI: Aaah, comradery! A beautiful reason to arrest someone… ooh what the hell, I am going overboard with Police Brutality today, I am arresting even  the restaurant!

JAM: … Nooo.. wait, how do you arrest it?

POTEMKIN suddenly shows up and with a single hand uproots and lifts Jam’s restaurant over his shoulder

JAM: (feeling betrayed) P-pumpkin man…

POTEMKIN: (whispers) Shhh… I am on a secret mission for the Zepp Empire



MORRIGAN looks down in pleasure of what the events that transpired, she suggestively plays with her own whip

MORRIGAN: Oooh my, this went even better than I had planned… yes, indeed… who knows the Rettenjou was here in Makai… Well, this is fine… but I need to set up in motion the rest of my plan. Catherine, let’s go to the Outworld. Once Shao Kahn will find out his beloved daughter got arrested in Jedah’s domain and has the Water Crest… it’s going to be such a wonderful war. HAHAHA! Shao Kahn’s outworld against Jedah’s forces… and I … will get both of their crests

In the background, CATHERINE is working on the ship’s console,  but looks confused as she sets the coordinates

CATHERINE: Mistress Morrigan?

MORRIGAN (turns at her second in command): Hmm?

CATHERINE: … Outworld is burning to the ground


MORRIGAN rushes at the console

MORRIGAN: This… this is not what was expected… check the energy reading… who could this be? Lilithmon? No, This isn’t her style... Malebolgia? He had different plans to pick the Earth Crest, from what I heard. Astaroth? But I haven’t heard much of him… ever since the beginning of the Hunt for the Demon Crests… What kind of army could have been?

CATHERINE: (Analyzes the energy reading) It was only a single person maybe two, but one, THIS one rivals in intensity a demon lord, but  it’s not a demon…

MORRIGAN: (flashes a smirk) Interesting… there is a new player then…




Everything is burning. Screams and explosions can be heard in the background. A bleeding SHAO KAHN is tossed around by an unknown figure towering over him. The corpses of Goro and Mantaro are over the arena

????: Where are the Elder Gods, Kahn? Here they are, Khan.

The mysterious figure slowly walks towards Khan and picks him up, its glowing eyes staring straight at the broken Emperor

????: The rules of Mortal Kombat protect you no longer

A clawed hand grabs SHAO KAHN’s throat  and lifts him, the free hand clenched into a fist and  glowing a dark energy, begins punching the battered fo violently until his  mask is destroyed, a blue gem appears, hastily snatched by the mysterious figure

SHAO KAHN is tossed away like a bag of trash.

???: Masquerade as dragons? Big words for a toothless worm

In a last surge of strength, SHAO KAHN summons his hammer and tosses it at the shadowy figure, which effortlessly deflects it. SHAO KAHN seeks to summon again, but he is too weak. The figure steps on Khan, its clawed foot digging in his stomach.

????:  My venom spread. It’s the end of all things

Mysterious figure puts the Crest of Heaven in its chest. Green flames surround him.


????: Armageddon!

KINTARO rushes against the unknown monster


Before he can even reach him, a minute figure jumps on KINTARO’s shoulder and with quick and brutal movements, breaks his neck so hard she severs his head

????: You kept me waiting, Juri. Was there anything else of my interest?

JURI bows down, a mischievous grin on her face

JURI: No other crest. I was looking for Mileena, Great God of War. But … she wasn’t there (kicks up in the air with blood soaked shoes) So I took it out on… anything else I could find. Haha.

????: Useless wretch

The mysterious monster feels KAHN’s hand on his calf. He begins to stomp on him. Each stomp is accompanied by the sickening crunch of broken bones

?????: Makai… stupid land. Ages wasted in futile defiance against the Gods. Against ME! All your hatred did nothing but fuel me.

KAHN: s-s-Susanoo…

SUSANOO extends his hand to JURI, indicating with his stare SHAO KAHN's hammer, which she eagerly picks up, while the Mad God swipes one more blow at KAHN, the entire Outworld glowing in green flames


JURI playfully twirls the hammer and swings it at SUSANOO aiming at his head with the clear intent to crush it

JURI: (her eyes glow) Here is your hammer, Susanoo no Okami! AHAHA!

SUSANOO catches the hammer by the handle without even looking at her, his aura shaping the weapon into a more menacing axe made of glowing energy. Juri quickly jumps away before the energy could consume her as well

SUSANOO: Shao Kahn… when you die… where are your elder Gods?

SUSANO swings the axe at SHAO KAHN’S HEAD




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