09/05/2013 10:38 PM 

Gotta Lay It Down, Here.
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Alright.  First thing's first.  Don't be offended by me or the way I talk.  Just don't.  It's not worth either of our time to worry about that shit.  I'm more or less always in character.  Move on, with your drama.  We'll get along real fine, as long as you know I'm a ladies' man, but I'm not gonna treat your character like a whore.  I don't even sleep around that much, so no need to get all friendly with the delete button over it.  Let's just all be cool.  And when I say cool, I mean cold... like the depths of that princess monk Sanzo's heart.  That oughtta do it.

Next.  Writing style?  Ya know, I really do enjoy a good book and all...and I will write an awful lot when I've got the time.  But really, for the sake of my sanity, I think a few paragraphs is fine.  More if you've got it in ya, and I know I do inspire that in people, sometimes.  ;)  Can't blame you for being human, even if you're not technically... ya know what I mean.  To be blunt, I hate one-liners with a fucking passion.  Send me one, and expect to be ignored.  Especially that, "Hey, wanna rp?" bullshit.  I'm here, aren't I?  I'm gonna draw your attention to the little logo up at the top left of yer screen.  What's the name of this site..?  OH YEAH.  So let's just get into introductions and story development, kay?  Thanks.  Trying hard not to be an ass, so excuse my sarcasm, if you will.

After all that, all I really expect is to have a great time, and to make sure you don't think I suck.  And if you do end up hating me for some reason, at least I gave it a shot.  That's all we can really do in this world, or the next.  Nice to meet you all, and no need to sign these rules unless you've got questions or comments.  Thank-you-very-much~

--Sha Gojyo

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