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07/02/2013 02:34 PM 

Rp Rules

  • If you want to role-play I will want to start discussing what ideas you have first before we start and not have any confused questions.
  • I would not mind waiting for awhile, I am patient. But if there's going to be a delay I want to be given a reason for it. 
  • No god-mode! Ruins the moment and no control of my characters and I dont control yours.
  • I'm open to almost anything. Don't mind para and multi but is a lot to type in, like to make something interesting and worth making a story. No novella as I usually do short stories and have other messages to respond, but open to multi para.
  • NO ONE LINERS! I do paragraphs as an illustrator and skilled writer. I really hate it when people just say they read and then go for one lines when I made it clear.
  • I do stuff in real life and need other things to do so I will probably be busy and be patient unless you want to ask to rp with me.
  • Whatever I or the person I rp with is just that, nothing to make an official relationship as I like to have my characters more freedom to any in different verses and backgrounds to fit them in.
  • I normally go for sci fi, fantasy (both sometimes), mature, modern era, anything for an interesting story.
  • Most of all I am not a number and like to be treated as a friend and not be ignored!
  • I do multiple characters and create original and use canon characters for rping. But only some I might put a list of those willing depending on the verses and my knowledge. If given a request I like to know some info first
  • Also for mature stories I prefer to rp discuss those ideas with players who are 18 or over, no minors for mature themes.

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