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Naruto Verse/ Them Ninjas
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Naruto Verse Characters.

Naruto Oc's

Name- Tora Himura

Born - 14th December

sex- female

Orientation - Straight

Village born- Konohagakure 

Age- 28-32 (depending on the time period)

Height- 5'8

weight- 110lbs

Eyes- Amber

Hair- Deep red and orange.

Nickname- Phoenix, Ashes

ANBU Captain - Specialising in Tracking.

Main Jutsu style- Fire

Second style- earth

Sucks at medical jutsu, only really mastered the basic's in healing

Noticeable features:

Tattoo's- ANBU on the back of her neck- Phoenix curling round her left thigh and part of her hip. Multiple scars on her back from her shoulder blades down to the base of her spine.


Name- Tsuki

Born - Unknown Birthdate

sex- female

Orientation - Straight

Village born- N/A

Age range depending on time line - 18-22

Height- 5'0

Weight- 105lbs

Eyes- Midnight blue

Hair- Jet black

Guardian- Tora Himura

Outcast, runaway.

Main Jutsu style- Air

Secondary- fire

She has the use of earth ( due to the chakra of the demon inside of her.)

Assassin, hired hand, hunter.

Noticeable features- scar down the length of her spine. Multiple surgical scars. Burn mark behind her ear. Pierced nipples.


Name- Caedes

Race- Demon

Form- Wolf

Size- No bigger than a Rabbit


Weight- Varies with his size change

Fur colour- Dirt brown

Eye- Amber

Summoned from the contract by Tora Himura and Tsuki.

Perfect Pocket sized monster.



Name- Tomoko Kurosawa

Sex- Female

Born - 10th September 18:05

Orientation - Bi-sexual

Village born- Konohagakure

Age- 26-29

Height- 5'5

Weight- 120lbs

Eyes- Brown

Hair- Deep brown

Twin Brother- Takeru Kurosawa

Was Part of an ANBU Squad whose leader was Tora.

Strong use of Genjutsu.

Skilled in the art of Genjutsu, using the power of a person's memory to manipulate and break. Torturing the memories until the victim is nothing more than a broken mess.


Name- Takeru Kurosawa

Born - 10th September 17:50

sex- Male

Orientation - Straight

Village Born- Konohagakure

Age- 26-29

Height- 5'11


Eyes- Poisonous Green

Hair- Jet black

Twin- Tomoko Kurosawa

Summons- A single Eagle by the name Cael

was part of Tora's ANBU squad.

Main Jutsu Style- Water

Secondary- Wind

Sadistic, malicious, spiteful, Masochist. He enjoys torturing others with nothing more than a simple blade. Causes suffering wherever he goes. He and His sister broke away from Tora when they became part of the Sakage, now Tora runs from this pair, to Save Tsuki's life. 


Name- Shenji Yukimura

Sex- Male

Village born- Yukigakure

Orientation - Homosexual

Age- 18-20

Height- 5'9

Weight- 145lbs

Eyes- Yellow

Hair- Pure white

NickNames- Stripes, Little Fang, Snow Cat.

Main Jutsu style- Water

Secondary- Wind

Summons- Has a contract with his loyal felines, his main is Khan a black panther

Young teen that fell at the way side of his village. Ended up finding Tora and Tsuki who took him in and showed him a thing or two.


Name- Ryu Fukui

Sex- Male

Village Born- Konohagakure

Born - 27th March 

Age- 34-36

Height- 6'8


Hair- Brown

Eyes- Grey

Abilities- Shadow Possession. Inherited from his mother.

Main Chakra nature- water

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