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07/22/2019 11:51 PM 

An idea from long ago.

So to begin with what I told her the the extreme short version of the story is this, a plan has been in the making to end all life as we know it. It in all honest has been going on for the last 50 years as 49 years ago, the universe and all other universes saw change to them that brought about war on to those worlds, and of course what does war do, kills people and shrinks populations. This is certain a different style of roleplay ased off an rpg format that is in the works that indeed I have been thinking about for years myself. And of course I am trying to make it fair for all characters to be in. I wouldn't want say a Goku to join and be able to use Super Sayian God at lv 1.
This is a bit long so be ready for a bit of a read. More than one post because character limits. We begin with the Prelude to the beginning of what could possibly be the end. A tale that has befallen him and his blows had only begun. A battle from the Heavens to claim one man's Soul had failed and in the dust of their failure with the consequences of his refusal to join them into the skies. Though he may not ever ever join them one by one everyone he cared about did. In layman's terms that means they died. but one was more significant than all of the others. The princess whom he had eyes for since the first time he had ever met her. And For Better or Worse not knowing what it's true race was called there was still a faith that lied in the race that he held in his blood. A fate that Define him and his father before him that if he could not find love once again he would suffer a, his own death. But a death of a man who defies his own fate is a death that is tough to bring into history. And as it stood he would defy his fate of death one more time. In doing so however even down to his very last heartbeat rather than succumbing to what would have been the end instead he would turn into stone. That would bring about change into the future. But remember my friends this is only the prelude.
Just a little over one year's time I evil menace had a plot to rid the world of all living creatures. No inch uncovered, no universe safe this was the end of all things living. But you cast such a trick there were too many beans in all universes to complete so he devised a way to eliminate that number without having to lift a finger himself. It would cost him time however, 50 years worth, but it was worth it. The spell shifted parts of Earth parts of land from all different types of planets over universe expand and equal share the amounts of land would plot itself in its place. People bending around to their whim forced from one land to another some falling through the cracks. The very first problem came up from many beings many things could not survive on the atmosphere. Many beings died within the minutes just because of that. And of course, overall recorded history what being has ever truly accepted something that was different from themselves? The fact of the matter is this; many wars across many universes which would cost many people their lives. Earth was simply no different.
On planet Earth of all the species that did come before it's only five of sentience were able to manifest and survive the conditions of the planet. Of course 2 of them or rather weak beings and in the mist of the global war were wiped out very quickly. This would leave only three of the species to remain. The humans despite this being on their home turf where the underdog of all three species; by far had the weakest mindsets for battle. Despite them being well known for their experience and their lust for battle it still wasn't enough compared to the other two remaining species. One of the others wasn't Android race that could not reproduce fast enough to sustain life on the planet however even their number so few that only 10 of them have begun the war only two were killed after over 30 years of combat. Their endurance, their strength would carry them to victory even despite their numbers. Then there were the War Pigs and Boars. The fastest to reproduce of all five species they have the least amount of intelligence. Their breeding on the planet was able to give them substantial numbers and keep them within the fight for the decades ahead. The humans and the pigs both knew they would have to work together to defeat the Android Menace. By far they were the most powerful of the three beings. Despite the fact that they were only 8 of them it would have been impossible to kill them without the human technology but the War Pigs and boars using it. They much faster larger and stronger were use the technology to they're advantage. Quickly the address were defeated. However the defeat came in at cost of the humans. With a little bit of understanding and breeding with humans in secret there were able to gain the knowledge to create the weapons that humans had held so dear. Just as fast as the Androids had fell the humans were forced to submit and surrender.
For the last decade of the 50 year span that he was held in stone humans have been for since a slave camps forced to induce labor and forced to every whim that these pigs could deem not worth their time. Words like this had going on it on it all planets in all the universes killing so many people so many beings so many. The numbers having thoughts of the window down to what would be acceptable for ending all life. During this time and all the wars being Hood cast of the spell had been suspended in time in a room kept secret from all life. A room that which not existed in a single universe and yet only one door in one universe could open their way to him. where he was should remain a mystery and those who guard him protect them with their very lives for they are an alliance with him they are allegiance and they believe all life should be erased. The universe was in danger. All universes were in danger. And those people did not know the way there was a way to save themselves from their own doomed fate
But time was not on their side... Almost 49 years after the war has begun on Earth the stone man had finally broken free. As he walked the Earth he found a girl lost in the woods running frightened for her very life. In the cool Autumn air in the rain lightning has struck a tree and it fell down upon the two of them. Though he knew not of what he could do he pushed the girl to freedom and put his hands into the air not expecting to live another second longer. But as the tree collided with its hands rather than crushing the man it's stopped dead in its tracks. It was as if a car had ran into a brick wall the man was so strong. Tossing the tree to side leaving both of them to be safe a patrol of War Boar's Head found their way to them. They had demanded to know what his name was. And all he could say was, "who am I?
Since almost 49 years have passed since the moment the spell was casted to change the way all life was Dean on many planets in many universes now was the time the hero had awoken once more. But you do not his name not his powers not himself not in the way that he once was. And this is where I Story begins life Fate everything comes down to one year. Can you define your fate once more Mystery Man?

11/21/2018 05:21 PM 

Because I felt like it.

"What, what is good anymore?" A man ponder as the twirled a knife in his hand looking down the hall. His silver hair longer than he liked, but he had no choice. Always on the run, always on the move. No time to shave, no time to fix himself the way he like. He hated the way he looked simply because it made him aged and good fifteen to twenty years. His tattered jeans and ripped black long sleeve exposing the left side of his chest. He was not a buff man by any means but the look on his face was of one, most would deem, pure insanity.

"Tell me, what do you think good is anymore?" His head turn from the hall his knife in his hand now looking upon the woman, the only woman looking at the blood stain family she had grown to build. Her husband, her son, two daughters, even her young struggling sister were all their dead in cold blood. She looking terrified that she was next. She looked on at him like he was just a man that had done this out of sheer joy. All she could see was the face of a man who murdered all she had loved and cared for. Her kids were all teens, her husband was a bit older than her in her forties, and everything she knew about him, was nearly pure. A man of the law, a man of higher morals, a man who fought to protect everything she had. He could see the look in his eye when he asked the question, it darted to her husband both times.

Her pause however forced him to place the knife to her neck. The looking on his face went from his insane smile that was perched to straight malice. As if the third time he asked her would be the very last. 

"So, are you not going to tell me what is good anymore? You are not a very polite host are you?" He said letting the little light in the household shine in her eyes, knowing she was very weak to light being in her eyes. 

"Your a monster." She said, gaining some courage to speak the the murder. The man however just laughed at her as he spatter her with some of the blood of her family on her face. The feeling of it almost made her want to vomit, but out of fear of dying in the moment, she held it in. Which drew her to wonder, why did she still want to live? 

"You are a rude guest, you won't even answer my question." The silver haired man laughed at her as she kept her eyes to her. "This is the last time, What, do, you, think, is good anymore?"

The woman paused and sighed. He could get a feeling from her as if she was finally going to answer him. He calmed down and pulled the knife from her neck, which surprised her.

"What do I think is good these days?" She looked around at the floor and paused to give him her answer, simply by darting her eyes around the floor. "This family was good. There was nothing wrong with them and you just ended all their lives. My husband was a good man, father, and worker for this land."

It was the then the silver haired man burst out in laughter. It through her in a shocked expression, as if to say 'how dare this man not agree with her. He was the murderer here he was the man doing her wrong. There was no just in this...

However... the man's insane smirk came back.

"You are insane!" The man said with a laughter that could be heard throughout this whole household. Too bad she was the only one who could hear them.

The man, that is her husband had chosen this place for a home because it was so far away from society and away the words of others. He told her he had loved helping people, but there were times he wanted along time, just with them.

"YOU'RE INSANE!" The woman barked back in him. "To just go into a home and call into my answer to your question and act like he was cheating on you. To just go about your business and expect me to go with your words that you can just say, believe my belief in my husband is wrong. That I-"

"You're dear husband was cheating on you with that slut." The silver hair man pointed to the body that was her sister that lied in a pool of blood. It didn't dawn on her until this moment, but her husband did have his shirt off, and his pants were unzipped. The shock of her husband dying was too much of a shock to think of anything else. Upon further investment, her sister only had her panties as a bottom...

Now, it was normal during yard work, her husband would indeed be shirtless, but the strange part was how her sister was dressed. To this day she hater wondering around showing off her body. That was very unlike her. Still she refused to believe it.

"Monster!" She started, but was far from over. "You know nothing of them! You dare kill them and tell me lies in my household!"

"Sure. You keep thinking that." The spoke as he seemed like he wanted to change the subject. "Lets talk about your reality of what is good." The male wondered around, excited. He seemed thrilled about being able to tell his story. You know as well as I the war going on that your people started. You know that your husband was the first person to bring this about. That he was the first to wanted all those magic fold dead right?" He said to her as if she knew full well what he was speaking on. She only nodded as he planned to go on.

"If he was so good, why would he kill an innocent person, one of the magic folk or not? He had not once lifted a finger in the fight. As a matter of fact, he was planning on leading the escape from you monsters. You people that was driving our peace away. Just because you think we are different. It's what you humans all do the same!"

The woman looked down and now knew, he was one of those freaks. Still it made her less worried.

Recently, a war had broke out, all the humans fearing the magic that these people could do. On average, they stood out as being a bit taller and a bit stronger than the normal humans. At first they didn't do too much, at least until one decided to kill a young human girl. The outrage of the murder was unexplained as the magic male refused to explain himself. Despite everything, his execution, even being caught by a man of magical means, the war broke out. Humans didn't want them here anymore, yet most refused to leave. The count of those dying were in the millions. It wasn't until a man named Barney Mantle planned an escape to another realm. Even still with what the people of great magic thought was something impossible, he said it was within his great skill. 

He would need time however, the magical folk would give it to him. Only at the agreement, they would no longer kill humans. 

All of the creatures did agree to this, however, they would all be hunted to no end. A few agreed to draw the humans attention, but if they were caught they knew the risks, death. 

Mantle worked in secret but would always track their progress. However, the escape got heard by the wrong person one day, the son of the great officer who was leading the humans to victory. He gave word to his father, though he lied and claimed it was an attack to wipe out all humanity. The group causing all the distraction was only a facade to the force against all magic kind.

The humans made short work of Mantle capture of Barney Mantle and every other magical member of the family. It didn't matter how much Mantle pleaded to spare his family, it didn't matter how much he begged, all magic beings were to be executed.

And a week later. here we were... the humans none the wiser to what they were really doing and here we stood, the first humans killed since the promise. Alfred Witt, the man who lead the humans to glory in the war, was dead. Age 44. Marty Witt, his only son, 17. Jenny Witt, 16. Katie Witt, 14 and Allison Prior, Linda's Prior Witt's sister laid dead at the age of 23.

"You need a lesson in what was good as you killed a man who never killed a single human, but for years tried to create a new world for all of us. You took his dream and ended it."

"It was a bomb, and end all of humanity!  You are just lying to me."

"You want to call my father a liar? YOU WANT TO CALL ME A LIAR?!!" Afgul Manter had raged in anger her doubting her father. Afgul however with a snap of his fingers opened up a portal and the two were swallowed whole. Linda though for sure she'd be dead. But why would he kill himself to?

It was black, all black for what seemed to be forever. But when she could finally open her eyes, feel some sort of consciousness, the sky, was all red. All she could see was red. Red sky, red ground, everything was blood red. There was no fire, and it didn't feel like hell to her. When Linda finally stood to her feet, there Stood the Silver haired young man, still in the same clothes, awake. All the while just waiting for her to wake up. The man could only look back to her.

"Barney Mantle was only protecting the one creating the world. He only protected his son... "HE WAS... protecting me... all your family was doing was protecting themselves." 

The look of insanity was over, the look of sadness on his face, was only just beginning...

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