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06/27/2013 04:31 PM 

RP Starter: Sonic Underground Freedom Festival
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Its finally here! Its the day of Planet Mobius Freedom Festival at Mobotropolis. Today is a day for celebration. A day for freedom. A day when Mobius took back their independance from the evil Dr. Robotnik.

 Thousands of music lovers were entering the festival grounds like crazy. This years festival is going to be bigger than last year. There's going to be several opening acts for the concert series. Bands like Mina The Mongooses band and Sonic Underground will be the opening acts for this years special guest bands from Earth. Those bands are Metallica, ACDC, Skillet, and Aerosmith. 
Security is really up tight. Due to the fact of a possible Terrorist attack.Last years freedom fest ended with a disasterthanks to Robotniks swat bots causing the stages to colapse on several bands. Princess Sally Acorn made it clear that the guests at this years festival will be much more safer than last years festival.
  Behind one of the big stages on the East End of the grounds the Sonic Underground was getting ready to go on Stage. All of the fans were chanting the bands name as their intro song'O Fortuna' was being played.Sonic the Hedgehog, Sonia the Hedgehog, Manic the Hedgehog, Miles Tails Prower, and Spark Stevens were in a circle huddled up. 
 "Ok guys. This is our first concert back together in 3 years. Let's give these fans one hell of a show to remember. You guys ready?" Sonic said trying to get his band mates pumped up. 
 "Yeah!"shouted Tails, Spark, Sonia, and Manic.
 "Alright. Let's surprise these fans with Pinball Wizard."said Sonic. With that the band went on stage.

 Sonia sat behind her piano, Manic sat behind his drumset, Sonic walked out on stage with his signature double knecked guitar, Tails walked out carrying a yellow bass guitar while Spark came out carrying his X-Plorer custom built guitar.(OOC:Picture James Hetfileds Guitar From Metallica) As the audience seen the band on stage they went absolutely nuts. Soon they began playing the first song of the show which was of course The Whos PinBall Wizard

06/08/2013 10:45 PM 

Starters: Beginning of Sparks Story
Current mood:  accomplished

OOC:Please note this starter is based off of a fanfiction that I'm writing. I hope it works for you. 

(Date: June 30th 2013 Time 11:30 p.m.) It was raining in the town of Station Square, New York. A Fourteen year old boy named Spark Stevens was being chased by a group of gang members from the gang known as the Night Runners; a Satanic Warshipping gang who gets what they want, when they want it. 
Spark had no friends and no family. His parents, his sister and his girlfriend was shot and murdered by the Night Runners because Spark refused to join them. The only reason why they wanted him as their ally was the soul fact that inside Spark was special. 
He possesed a demon tiger spirit known as the Shadow Tiger. The Night Runners wanted to use him for dark and evil deeds but the sad thing about this is Spark doesn't know how to use his powers. Its his emotions that trigger his Shadow Tiger Spirit To transform his body into a half human half tiger. When he is usually in this state he loses control of himself, and his spirit takes over. 

His other family members like his Aunts, Uncles, Cousins, and Grandparents don't want nothing to do with him because his parents death in their opinion was his fault. As he was running, in his hand he carried a Les Paul Guibson Guitar. This guitar originaly belonged to his father before he died and it was the only thing he had to remember his parents by. 

As he was running up the city streets he looked back and noticed that the gang members are now starting to catch up with him. He then turned to his left and entered a dark alley, then he stopped as a brick wall was blocking his way. "Ah Fuck its a dead end!" Spark shouted. Spark found himself starring at four members of the Night Runner gang. 

Each member was wearing a white leathered Jacket that had what appeared to be a figure of Satans head on the front, they also worn black tennis shoes, black jeans, and a red headband with a flame design on it. Two of the members had lead pipes in their hands while the other two carried knifes. 

"We're going to give you one more offer kid...Think about It for a while if you join us..All of your wild and craziest dreams will come true. That guitar in your hands...We can make you a rockstar. All you have to do is join us..warship Satan! Sell your soul! You can get what you've always wanted! Money... Power...maybe your parents and your girlfriends lives brought back to life.All you have to do boy is join us."he said smirking, then he added,"All you have to do is just say Yes! But I must warn you...Chose your words wisely..It may cost ya."

 Spark looked at them and thought to himself 'They don't give up do they?' A smile spread accross Sparks face and he asked,"You really want me to join your little shin dig..Your little club for satan warshippers. I was thinking about your offer as I was running. The reason why I was running is because you didn't give me time to think." "So will you accept it or not?"one of the gangmembers asked. "You can take your offer..."said Spark as he dropped his guitar on the ground,"And stick it straight up your Ass!"he the gave the gang member the middle finger straight up in his face. 

The gang member stood there let's out a short laugh and said,"Kill him!"The gang members started to move in closely as Spark was about to get into a fighting stance.

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