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[RP Advice] Real Life Happens (No Need To Be Sorry)
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I truly need to cover this, because I am seeing this more and more from people. Something needs to be said and eyes need to be opened.

I am beginning to see that more and more of you are apologizing for what happens in your real lives. Apologizing because your partners are waiting for your replies. Well, I have come to tell you, that you do not need to apologize for anything that happens in your real lives. Many of what happens outside of the internet, are things we have no control over.

I used to constantly apologize to my partners, for things I had no control over in my real life as well, because I didn’t want to make my partners wait for my replies. Many of my partners have reassured me that they will wait, others have indeed dropped me for what I cannot control in my life. Of course, when I was dropped, it made me feel like I was not worth their time. Many friends made me realize, that those who drop you over real life, are those who are impatient and choose not to understand.

No one should ever have to apologize to their partners, for their real lives. Many of us have health ailments are are working extra hours just to make ends meet. There are those who are still in school as well and are unable to make timely responses. Remember; Patience Is Precious, understand that your partners do indeed have lives outside of the internet, and not everyone can reply on a timely manner.

As much as the lot of us love consistency, please do NOT expect it. Times have indeed changed since the early 2000s. Be patient with your partners when they have real life holding them, not everybody has free time like you do.

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