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[RP Advice] I Am The Better RPer (Competitive Admins)
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I don’t know why I didn’t think to bring this up sooner, but it’s something I’ve noticed for a few years now, and I really wanna clear some things up and help stop the bullying and defacing.

I have noticed many RPers will compete over who portrays their character to an exact T or canon. It’s been on my nerves for quite some time, and now I am making this known. Many RPers, who portray the same characters, will compete and try to prove they are better than the other person. Sure, you may have a different way of portraying that character, but you will NEVER be the better RPer. Holding yourself high and mighty above all others just makes the others feel like they’re not worth their character choices.

I have had people point me out as the better RPer of my character choices, granted I do like that I am someone’s preference, but I HATE being told that I am better than someone else. I do not like being the cause of someone’s defacing. I just have a different way of portraying said character is all, I know my character well enough to portray them as their original selves to my own preference. Just because I prefer to portray as canon does not mean I am the better RPer.

Instead of competing over mirrors/same characters, build each other up. Make suggestions to the other and don’t claw their chests about how much better you are than them. I am not a better Noctis just because I try to stay with canon and use his original personality. I am not a better Noctis because someone prefers my portrayal. You should not carry yourself with such a high ego and belief that you are the better or best.

There ARE preferences, but there are NEVER better people than anyone. You can SUGGEST them on how to IMPROVE their role, and it is solely their choice on whether they take your suggestion or not.

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