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[RP Advice] Sexism Is NEVER Okay (Portraying Opposites)
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I should have covered this a while back, but I myself have been a victim of partners who were sexist. Let me shed some light on this topic.

Essentially, a sexist RPer will basically shame you for playing a role that is opposite of your gender. They will tell women not to play male roles because they aren’t men. They will tell men not to play women roles because they are not women. I have met many partners who have also had this treatment, and it truly does destroy one’s self-esteem, causing them believe to they will never be able to be happy with their writing.

I have been told countlessly that I should not play my male roles because I am not a man. I have been told I should be playing a female Noctis because I am a female admin. Many times I have been told not to play male roles simply because I am a woman. I have fought against it for years, but there is a reason I chose to pick up male roles with female roles. When I choose my roles, it is not due to my gender, but rather due to my interests. How did I fight against this? I simply said to them “You say I should play a female role, yet I had you very convinced from the start that I am true to my roles.” because they truly had no idea I was female behind the muse, until we broke into Out of Character.

Males and females can equally play their roles, and can equally portray them so as long as they have the means and knowledge. You can be a female and play a male, as I am an example before you. You can be a male and play a female, as I have seen such success from one of my best friends. But the issue? there IS shaming among this. Many accuse men portraying females that they only play the role for intimate desires, whilst females go ignored and get called “natural” for playing male roles. This assuming NEEDS TO STOP, it is killing our partners and causing them to make early retirements from RP.

Paint a picture, how would it affect you if someone would say “You should play a boy character because you’re a boy” or “You should play a girl character because you’re a girl”? would it not bother you in the slightest that there are people who will speak like this to you? true that you should ignore them, but also do not let them get away with it. Stand your ground when approached by such and defend on why you chose your role. I chose to portray many male characters; Noctis, Ignis, Adyn, and Alphinaud to name a few on the Final Fantasy side, not because they’re all males, but because their stories interest me as well as their characters.

When you shame someone for their role, you are only proving that you are not a true RolePlayer, but among the reputation of toxicity that others are ever showing. You truly need to think about how your partners must feel when you relay this shaming unto them. Take a moment to give them a chance.

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Stoppable of Eorzea


I've dealt with this. As someone who is a male, who has and still roleplays female characters. I've been on the side of being judged for it. Even on here, countless times when the moment the person finds out I am a male rping a female, they'll try to tell everyone, thankfully people they tell don't care. So, I fully understand this.

Posted on May 2nd 2019 - 9:25 PM

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