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14. Defying The King of Astrals, I Set My Own Fate
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Note: A great friend and RP buddy of mine had inspired me to write this, based off our own RP


He was through with being the King Astral’s pawn. He was done with this game of life that Bahamut bestowed unto him. The Lucis Prince, future King, was done letting the higher ups determine his fate. Bahamut had done nothing to stop outsiders from crossing into Eos, Noctis had felt heavily betrayed by the Draconian more than ever. He was going to set his own life straight, to challenge a Deity? what was he thinking?! 

He summons Bahamut to face him, using the very Ring of Lucis. He sneered up at the Draconian “It ends here, Bahamut....” he growls. His hands balled into fists as he materializes his blade to his hand “NO MORE WILL I BE A PAWN IN YOUR GAME OF LIFE!” he roars. The Draconian gleamed down towards the Lucian mortal, he knew this day would come.. but never suspected so soon. Bahamut wields his blades wings to his back, pointing down towards Noctis as each of the blades began to hurl towards him. 

Noctis lets out a battle cry as he starts to leap up to the edge of the blades and run up them, warping respectively from one blade to another as they were raining down towards him. He was determined to take his life into his own hands, no longer wishing to convey to a calling.

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