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🌹 Be respectful

This blog is for fun, not for hate.

🌹 No godmodding: This includes killing each other's Muse without planning, consent, etc.

🌹 Please use proper English: Typos happen, but unless relevant, chatspeak should not.

🌹 If I cross any lines you have, please let me know. This should be fun for us both, and unless you tell me, I don't know what it's like for you.


🌹 I also interact with non-mutuals
You don't necessarily have to be friends to make rps. If Ani even allows that. In either case, a rp is a rp.

🌹 If I don't friend or if  I unfriend you, there are various reasons for this.
It could be that you post too much OOC content, or that you've broken my rules, or the thread (role play) isn't in my intrigue. Either way, the choice is mine.

🌹 Any paragraph-length is fine
It doesn't matter how much you type, as long as you give me something to work with. There is one caveat, however, if you fall into the one-liner/post for too long, I will drop the thread.

🌹 Don't rush me for replies
Also don't rush me if I reply to other threads more than I do ours. Sometimes motivation shifts, or just disappears completely. I'll be back though. A gentle reminder in comments/stream is fine.

🌹 Always open for interactions.
Never be afraid to approach me or send me a comment or anything.

🌹 You are allowed to turn stream threads into extended threads (move to Messages for length). Here is your permission to do that whenever you wish.


🌹 Chemistry ships only. And since I'm a multi verse, multi ship, unless it's been agreed on, everything varies per verse.

🌹 Relationships vary per blog.
In case of canon characters, if my Muse gets along with your Muse, written by someone else, this does not transfer to you. Again; different verses.


🌹 Mun and Muse are not the same. What the Mun thinks, isn't what the Muse thinks, and vice versa. If my Muse is rude or outlandish do not take it as an insult to you personally. This is roleplay, almost anything goes. If you feel uncomfortable however, let me know through OOC and we can discuss further. But please, don't mix roleplay with real-life. 

🌹 I'd rather not RP against child-Muse blogs
Unless it's an agreed upon verse, I'd rather not thread with a blog solely based on a child character. I'm not calling people who are this a bad roleplayer, it's just awkward for me, I'm sorry. I'm strictly a mature-based blog if it weren't obvious by the choice in Muse. I do have other Muses I portray, I'll be making a Muse Page soon, and link it here in the future.

Now that you got this far, sign off with your favorite book quote~


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