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"In front of me, all i see is a road.. Of nothing. Just.. nothing. But i keep fallowing that road.. i keep going.. even though i know.. that at the end of the road.. there is nothing but emptiness waiting for me."

Dark and serious themes.

22 years old

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August 21 2021

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About me:
Sophornia is a pro gamer. Most of her life, she has spent inside of a video game.

Her full name is Sophornia Shiniku, but in games, she typically calls herself Soph, and she prefers to be called by that name. Early on in high school and late middle school she was bullied for smelling bad, thanks to being to lazy to shower and not taking care of herself. This just led her to take even less care of herself, and her self esteam went down into the trash. She played even more video games then before, and slowly became an addict. She lost every single one of her friends when she was 16, and developed severe social anxiety.

She never passed the second grade of high school, failing every single class, and then she dropped out of highschool at age 18 to go play video games for a living.. She occasionally streams her game and uploads gameplay videos, but she doesnt show her face or speak. Luckily, she is a lightning fast typer. She mostly plays hardcore survival games, spefically the game, Ark, survival evolved. It is a game that combines sci fi with prehistoric, dinosaurs, and fantasy, where you must go from nothing to stone tools, to industrial, and then tek tier as fast as you can, or you will die and start all over.
Who I'd like to meet:
//Mainly looking to do a ARK roleplay, based on the game, ark survival evolved. But i am down for any setting that makes sense for her.

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