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Melony is a strong Gym Leader who's got ice in her veins! She is the 6th Gym Leader that you will need to face in Pokemon Shield.

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June 14 2021

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About me:
Melony is a character that was introduced in Generation VIII. She is the Gym Leader of Circhester and specializes in Ice-type Pokémon. She can only be fought in Pokémon Shield—in Pokémon Sword, her son Gordie replaces her as Gym Leader (though he specializes in Rock types instead of Ice types). Melony is a large, plump woman with fair skin, blue eyes, and lightly painted fingernails. She has voluminous light gray hair that falls to her hips, along with a grayish-blue streak and a single unruly bang. For clothing, she wears thick clothes suitable for cold weather. Her outfit consists of a white turtleneck sweater with the Ice-type and Gym Challenge symbols on it, a puffy white scarf, and a large white wool hat. She also wears blue-gray tights with white patterns and white shorts with a black design, her Gym number, and the Ice-type symbol on them. To complete her outfit, she wears long white boots and a white and black glove on her right hand. True to her name, Melony is usually a sweet lady. In terms of her Gym, however, she seems rather calm and reserved. She trains in a strict way analogous to the Spartan method, and it's speculated that her battle style is influenced by a bicker she had with her son Gordie. However, Melony doesn't seem to take losing well, as when she is defeated in battle, she talks about how she apparently wants to crawl in a hole. Her Rare League card features her teasing an annoyed Gordie. An Ice Person: Specializes in Ice-type Pokémon. Big Beautiful Woman: Downplayed in her art where where she is a little overweight, played more straight in-game with her model being noticeably much chubbier. Either way though Melony is fairly tall, has large curves, long silver hair, and a gentle sweet face. To her Sword exclusive son Gordie. They both specialize in types known for their hardiness, however Melony is stoic and to the point with hints of affection while Gordie is a cocky show off. Follow in My Footsteps: In Shield, Melony wanted Gordie to inherit her position as Circhester's Ice-type Gym Leader, but he wanted to raise Rock-types instead. Their fighting divided the entire town and ended with Gordie going off on his own. The two haven't seen each other much since then, although Melony is rumored to be in his fan club. In Sword, it's not clear if a similar incident occurred, or if Melony was ever even a Gym Leader. Form-Fitting Wardrobe: Her top doesn't do a lot to hide her figure. Justified, as a cosy sweater that fit her shoulders and waist so well probably would stretch a bit to accommodate her bust. Jokes about her bust aside, her name signifies both her round full body and her mostly sweet nature. Melony also happens to sound very similar to "melody," likely in reference to how her Signature Mon, Lapras, is known for its sweet singing voice. Finally, her name and her specialization in Ice-type Pokémon could be a reference to the wax gourd, which is also known as a winter melon. My Beloved Smother: To the endless chagrin of Gordie. She's even part of his fan club. Peek-a-Bangs: Downplayed, but her left eye is partially covered by a large lock of silvery hair. Most of her Pokémon pack Icy Wind, which slows the target down. This is designed to compensate for her team's low to mediocre Speed. Sugar-and-Ice Personality: She tends to flip between being a cool-headed, stoic ice queen and a motherly, affectionate lady. Sweater Girl: Wears a form-fitting white sweater that highlights her curves.
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