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Akron, Ohio
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April 16 2021

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Yeah, this album would be alright... 'cept a few annoying people ended up in it, ruining my shot.
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Chick Magnet Level:Seriously. Ya have to wonder about that? It's just way off the chart, man.


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About me:

Sha Gojyo (沙悟浄, Sha Gojō)
Born 9 Nov, Star Sign: Scorpio
Nicknames: Ero-kappa, Water Sprite, Cockroach
Blood type: 'B'

Gojyo is a hanyou, a cross between a youkai and a human. He uses Shakujo (a metal staff-like weapon with a sickle and chain) as his primary means of combat. He is one of the four members of the Sanzo Ikkou and though he carries no visible significance to the group, he is very essential to their harmony.

Because he is a halfbreed, Gojyo gets labeled everywhere he goes. Called a child of taboo and unclean by those who recognize his origins, Gojyo hides the pain and discomfort this causes with sly remarks and laughs. Though most people label him before ever getting to know him, Gojyo doesn't let people's opinions stop him. He's the only member of the group with street smarts, though he often seems to be asking for death by teasing Genjo Sanzo. One of his hobbies is picking on Son Goku, and because the two can be childish, they argue almost constantly. The only time he keeps his mouth shut is when someone--usually Cho Hakkai--is either seriously hurt or angry. Otherwise he is quick to crack a joke and says whatever comes to mind.

He is slightly vain of his good looks and strong physique, and has been shown working out with hand weights between battles, claiming that "ladies will cry if I don't keep my temple sculpted." Though he boasts frequently of his conquests and his sex appeal, in reality his seductions seldom seem to work out, which he accepts philosophically. He is always kind to children and will go far out of his way to protect them, even when they appear as enemies to the ikkou.

Gojyo is an avid smoker, usually seen smoking even more than Sanzo. Sanzo appears to dislike Gojyo's brand of cigarettes, putting one in his mouth and taking it out almost instantly. He is also seen as a 'womanizer' by most people and a 'pervert' by Goku. Gojyo even claims that he is going to die in the arms of a beautiful woman, and that dying on the way West is not an option. While most of the group usually frowns upon his dirty jokes/inappropriate behavior, they see him as "a dependable big brother" and an irreplaceable companion. This is evident when Gojyo leaves, and the group goes in search of him.

Sha Gojyo is 6'1" tall and about 160 pounds of bone, hair, and muscle. His blood-red hair and eyes mark him as a "child of taboo"-- half-human, half-youkai. Carved deep across his left cheekbone are two slightly curving scars - a memento from age twelve, when his stepmother attacked him with an ax. As ashamed as he is of his scars and coloring, he's proud of the rest of his body, and takes great pleasure in showing it off. He wears tight pants and frequently goes without a shirt. Topless, his ribs and collarbone are even more prominent, but he wears his scrawniness well and he's got a good layer of hard-won muscle over all the rest. He's been fighting for his life for over ten years, and it shows; not only in his muscles and bony ribs, but in a thousand little scars from scrapes, cuts, & bites.

Gojyo yields a weapon known as a shakujo, or Shakugetsujou. In a bonus chapter of Reload, it is seen that he acquired this unique weapon by breaking the jar it was sealed in. This weapon comes to Gojyo when called and is a long staff with a crescent moon-shaped blade at one end and a wide spade-shaped blade at the other. Although always called a shakujo in the series, it is actually a variation on a yueyachan ("crescent moon spade" or "monk's spade"), the weapon carried by his origin character, Sha Wujing/Friar Sand, in the original Journey to the West. The shakujo can come apart and extend due to the chain concealed in the hollow part of the staff. This allows Gojyo to fight enemies a good distance away. The weapon has been dented and broken periodically through the series - such as when Gojyo fought Goku in his Sage form - but whenever he calls the staff to his hand, it is always in perfect condition.
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Quatre Winner

Jun 12th 2020 - 8:51 PM

Ok, I'll think of somthing from Quatre.
Quatre Winner

Jun 6th 2020 - 10:11 PM

((Do you want a starter from Quatre? Or would you prefer Sanzo?)
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