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With kindness comes na�vet�. Courage becomes foolhardiness. And dedication has no reward. If you can't accept any of that, you are not fit to be a magical girl.

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Name: Homura Akemi

Gender: Female

Age: 14

Sexuality: Lesbian

Relationship Status: Single

Personality: Cold, Blunt, Indifferent

Current Residence: Mitakihara

Current Occupation: Magical Girl

Education: Mitakihara Middle School

Soul Gem: Purple Diamond

Special Ability: Time Manipulation

Skills: Weapons Expert, Bomb Maker, Athletically-talented

Hair Colour: Black

Eye Colour: Violet

Height: 5'2''

Verses Puella Magi Madoka Magica, Magical Girl
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Writing Style
Multi Para - Novella

Crossovers Welcome. Mirrors Welcomed. No Erotica. No Furry.


Homura's primary weapon as a Magical Girl is that of a small, silver magical shield, filled with the sands of time. Thus allowing her to control and manipulate time to her will upon its activation. Along with being used as an ordinary defensive shield, the small discus also provides unlimited storage for infinite amounts of ammo and weapons within its mysterious workings. Given that her shield offers no offense, Homura Akemi has skilled herself in the usage of advance weapons such as remote grenades, rocket launchers and automatic firearms.

No one will believe me about the future No one will accept the truth about the future
I know what to do now. I won't rely on anyone anymore.

I don't care if no one understands.

I won't let Madoka fight.

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Homura Akemi
I Won't Rely On Anyone Anymore

I have relived the same month over a hundred times now� Yet no matter how hard I try, the all but tragic ending is always irrevocably the same. Why can I not save my friend, why is she always destined to die? There has to be a way, a way in which to change everything. There just has to be�

No one will believe me about the future. No one will accept the truth about the future. I know what to do now. I won't rely on anyone anymore. I don't care if no one understands. I won't let Madoka fight. I'll destroy every last witch by my self if I have to. And this time I'll defeat Walpurgisnacht once and for all.

With kindness comes na�vet�. Courage becomes foolhardiness. And dedication has no reward. If you can't accept any of that, you are not fit to be a magical girl.
We are all but pawns forever lost in her endless, ever-changing labyrinth...
The Story Of Homura Akemi
Homura Akemi, a quiet fourteen-year-old girl of pale complexion and raven black hair. Once a timid, withdrawn child with difficulties in socializing, due to the better part of her young life confided within hospital. Her life would forever change upon meeting her beloved Madoka Kaname and becoming a Magical Girl.

Her youth was stolen. Homura�s life frailly hung in the balance of a serious heart condition, a hereditary condition that had already taken her mother during Homura�s early infancy. However, unlike her mother, Homura�s life was to be even shorter than that of her mother�s. The young girl�s heart condition appeared to be all the more savage and unforgiving. Homura�s father, succumbed by an overwhelming grief that both his wife and now also his child were destined for an early grave, ultimately took his life. In one foolish night of drunken desperation to escape his misery Homura�s father hung himself, knowing that his daughter would soon enough follow him into the afterlife.

Unfortunately, he was most mistaken and instead orphaned poor Homura Akemi; who miraculously survived despite all odds thanks to a sudden and rather unexpected development in modern medicine. Now the young girl, with a second chance and years of recovery still left, was abandoned and left to fend for herself. But one day, Homura knew she�d finally leave the restrictions of her hospital bed and find some sort of life that would resemble normality. Oh how she was mistaken...

Despite all her nerves the young pale girl, with ever so dark hair for the most part looked very forward to enrolling in Mitakihara Middle School. It had been years since Homura had last went to school and had schoolyard friends; that was before her heart condition had threatened to end her young life and her father had still been alive. But now she was alone, in a different city, and enrolling in a completely different school.

It went without saying that Homura knew perfectly well that she was going to have a rough and difficult time adjusting to her new life, even if she wanted this new life ever so badly. For months on end Homura had been condemned to the solitary of her lonely hospital bed, losing all manner of social skill and any confidence she might have once possessed, thanks to the lack of contact due to her newly orphaned status. Now she was a quiet, timid girl with an all too evident clumsiness about her thanks to her months without walking.

But despite all her grievance, torment, and loss the young girl remained friendly and kind, not that it really showed past her crippling shyness. For now the true bitterness of the cruel dark world had not yet consumed her, she still had hope. But she was only hanging on by a thread. Homura may have gotten her life back, but she had lost everything else in return.

The attention she received from being the new girl, Homura could not handle; it was overwhelming that so many people appeared to be so keenly interested in her. Introducing herself to the class when so many of the students were looking up at her was next to impossible. Her discomfort all too visible, her awkward silence deafening; this was all so surreal to her. What was she suppose to do? Nobody ever showed her this much interest. Nobody ever cared what she had to say. But she would, if she could, persevere through it and attempt to socialize back, at least to best of her limited ability. After all, how was she supposed to make new friends otherwise? She would try her best. Unfortunately, it was all too evident that Homura was no match for this seemingly simple task.

Luckily, when it came to break time of Homura�s first day at school and her fellow classmates could properly introduce themselves, the young Miss Akemi was saved from the bombardment of questioning and overwhelming attention given to the new girl. The dark haired girl was saved by a petite, pink-haired female by the name of Madoka Kaname. This beautiful small girl happened to be the nurse�s aid; she would be the one to escort her daily to the nurse�s office for her vital medication. Upon meeting this pink-haired beauty Homura was taken aback by her confident friendliness. Madoka was so kind, so interesting, and yet so forward. And in a way part of Homura felt belittled, how was she ever to live up to Madoka�s expectations of her?

Even when she wasn�t the main centre of attention �which wasn�t all that often � Homura Akemi still struggled throughout the school day. Going back to school was so much harder than she had ever expected, why had she been so foolishly looking forward to it? She was simply no good at anything! Her lessons were impossibly difficult due to her lack of study. Her weakened fitness resulted in her inability to get past even the basic of P.E warm ups. She was a pathetic disaster who could barely say a single word without stammering! The only one thing in her sorrowful life that Homura had been desperately looking forward to whilst imprisoned in hospital had turned sour.

By the end of the awful school day, defeated little Homura couldn�t help but begin to wonder; maybe it would have been better if she had actually died from her heart condition - instead of living this worthless half-life. Perhaps she should just kill herself? Get it over with and save her self from the untold misery that was her young, tragic life. It would be so much easier. It would save her from so much suffering. She would be able to see her mother and father again.
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Orientation: Lesbian
Education:High school
Characters: Homura Akemi
Verses: Puella Magi Madoka Magica, Magical Girl
Length: Multi Para, Novella
Genre: Action, Adventure, Drama, Fantasy, Horror, Supernatural,
Member Since:February 08, 2015

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May 6th 2021 - 11:13 PM

Rena crosses her arms, there's a haughty expression of disdan on her face as she scrutinizes the magical girl from head to toe. 
"Hmmph! WELL. The witches here are stronger so be careful, I guess."

Now Rena felt terrible, it's true the girl in front didn't give off the friendliest of vibes but at least she's polite. Why couldn't she interact like a normal person?

"Rena-chan is fine.. T-Thank you for asking.. I-I can help you around town if you'd like..."

Feb 23rd 2021 - 8:51 PM

Rena-chan hasn't seen you in Kamihama City before..
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