03/05/2019 10:58 AM 

[RP Advice] RolePlayers With Disabilities (Take A Steady Approach)

I know I haven’t posted in a while, but I needed a break from all the typing. Anyway, I wanna cover this topic for a few reasons.

During my 14 years of RP, I have noticed there are lots of us who have disabilities. These disabilities are often why people lack amazing RP partners, but it’s not their faults in any way. Many RPers have learning disabilities, which hinders their performance when it comes to typing properly. I want to put an end to this, because a lot of people dislike those who make spelling errors.

I myself am dyslexic, my brain processes things faster than I can function. I tend to make tons and tons of typos, because I think faster than I can type. Often times, I was told to go back to school for a few typos I made, lol. But, I learned to embrace this side of me, it can make for some funny conversation starters. My friends even tease me over a majority of my typos, and it’s honestly fun.

Some of us have disabilities to where it takes us a while to respond. Don’t grow impatient with those who take a long time to type their response. There are others that have it so rare, that just about their entire grammar is thrown out the window. Don’t get frustrated, no matter how bad it becomes. Talk to them instead and help them learn, help them improve.

Now, I’m not saying that people need to use this as a crutch. I’m just trying to make some obvious things come to light. You should never NEVER use your disability as an excuse for anything. You CAN help yourself, you CAN get better. Every time I write with my partners, my own writing improves, even the smallest bit.

Please take things into consideration, not every partner will tell you that they have a disability. Many of them are actually afraid to tell us, because they’ve been judged and ridiculed so many times.

03/02/2019 11:52 PM 

[RP Advice] Forced Storyline (Keep Them Private or Discuss First)

There’s one particular factor that has always bothered me, and I’m sorry I didn’t cover this sooner. I’ve had my fair share of partners pushing their own stories onto me. It’s not cool...

A lot of our partners just want to have a good time. I get it, you wanna have fun, but not so much that you force your own storyline upon your partner. Not everyone you RP with is gonna want a storyline you made, and you have to learn to accept that. Forcing your story on your partners won’t create a fun storyline.

I remember about.... maybe 5-7 people who tried to force their stories onto me. One of them was a married couple in real life, yet they would report anyone who refused to play out their story. If you give me a story, I’m going to get stuff wrong about it because I. Don’t. Know. How. To. Read. Minds... yeah, a lot of people that give you a forced story just expect you to know what they want. It doesn’t exactly work like that guys, when you give a forced storyline, you’re basically telling your partner their opinion doesn’t matter.

No Ignis wants to be forced to play a story where he ships with someone’s OC because it’s what that partner expects. No Noctis wants to be forced into a role of playing a husband to an OC because it’s what the partner wants done. No Prompto wants to be forced on his knees in chains for the rest of his life because a partner wants dominance. No OC maker wants their character forced into a story where they have to adjust their very features.

You need to keep these storylines private to yourself, or ONLY if your partner agrees to play it out. You don’t see me forcing any Prompto RPers to ship with my OC because it’s what I wrote for her FFXV cameo, do you? no. I discuss these things with my partners first, if they want to do it, so be it. I have no problem with being rejected, it’s the decision of my partner, not mine, and I won’t beg them or push the story on them.

Please THINK and DISCUSS storylines you create, don’t force them onto your partners. You will have a better experience if you keep them private or discuss first.

02/13/2019 01:04 AM 

[RP Advice] Admin And Muse/Character (Not The Same)

Another issue I would like to cover, is how many RolePlayers mistake the character and admin to be the same person.

When we roleplay, we are simply acting. Admins are also considered the writers, but as admins, it is our job to think like our character do and display them in the message. I see it all too often where people will accuse the admin over something their character performs. I digress, we are simply the writers, the characters do as they wish. Placing our minds to what our chosen characters think, is the key to great acting and a successful roleplay.

The Admin and Character are NEVER the same person. It is called RolePlay for a reason; Role as in acting as proclaimed, and Play as in exhibiting features of a story. None of it is real, it is all fiction, pretend, make-believe if you will. I fail to understand why others link character to admin, but I believe that needs to stop.

Do you not dress up as a character when you are chosen a part in a play? of course you do. However, you are not that character, you are simply portraying the role you were assigned or had chosen. When you see someone write “It’s not me, it’s what Kuja wants” or similar, that is completely true. Kuja’s mindset is different from his Admin, his admin only provides what Kuja is thinking with his next action.

Needless to say, you cannot claim the writer and character are one in the same. It is simply our jobs as Admins to portray and act as our characters. Keep in mind that the admin only writes accordingly to what their character’s mindset is.

02/11/2019 07:36 PM 

[RP Advice] Character Sharing/Control (Disrespectful For Admins)

The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. This is along the lines of God-Modding, but I decided it deserved its own segment. I’m talking about Character Sharing or Character Controlling.

There are a NUMBER of RPers out there who do this. They will take full control of their partner’s characters just to make the story go the way they want it to. I myself have had it happen to me. When a story isn’t going the way our partner wants it to, they tend to take control of your character just to make the story into what they imagine.

No one is discriminated in this as all RPers have done this, one way or another. A lot of us RPers do not like it when you, the partner, take control of our characters. It’s disrespectful and it is very rude, we do not like it when you control our characters. Canon RPers tend to suffer the most with this, as they have a certain way of portraying their characters. 


An Ignis RPer writing with a Ravus, that Ravus writes Ignis’s role on what he wants to happen. The Ignis RPer does not have in mind what Ravus does, it ruins their idea completely and shifts the story into a disaster.

An OC RPer has a love interest in Gladio, the OC writer controls Gladio into a completely whole other personality that isn’t part of Gladio at all. The Gladio RPer finds this rude and asks not to control his character.

These above examples are what character sharing/control is, and how easily it can flip a story upside its head. It’s unfair to the writer of the character and it’s disrespectful to both admin and character. UNLESS the writer agrees to sharing control of a character, you have absolutely no say in what your partner’s character does. Let the characters do as their writers allow.

It’s another thing if partners agree to allow control, discuss first, never assume you can freely control someone else’s character.

02/02/2019 11:49 AM 

13. A Sliver of Darkness

He could sense his environment around him had changed. He could feel the darkness surround him. Something felt... very wrong indeed. Noct’s eyes opened sightly as he could see nothing but darkness around him. He started to rise from his fetal position, only to realize he was afloat aimlessly in an abyss. He looked around to see if he could find even a glimmer of light as to identify where he was. There was nothing.. ‘Where am I....?’ he asked himself as he continued to search for a light. He soon learned he could swim... only one direction to go; up! he faced what he knew would be up, beginning to stroke and kick as he swam his way up from the depths of the abyss. 

He finally started to see a light and swam faster towards it, until he broke the surface and took a gasp of air. A sigh of relief escaped his lips, before he started to look around “What..... is this place...?” he asks aloud to himself as he began emerging from the black and up onto the beach. He sat down to give himself a break, he checked to see if his phone was damaged. No damage but... also no service, great... he couldn’t even let his retainers know he was alive. With a sigh, he puts his phone away and begins to lay back in thought.... how would he make it back home....

01/28/2019 06:39 PM 

12. The Power of Resolve

Insomnia needed him... their future rests on his shoulders. Over time, Noctis had done a lot of review of himsrlf. He was their future, he was their hope. Glancing at his own palms, he began to reminisce about his life. Closing his eyes gently as he waited for the lift to take him to the throne room. The ride was a small peace of mind, he glanced up at the dimmed lighting that gently lit the elevator. 

His mind wandered, before the doors opened before him, cueing him to step off. Once entering the lobby, he looked at the doors before him as he approached the barble structure “.... Insomnia needs their King...” he gripped the doors and proceeded through “My people shall always come first.. they need a king who will put them first...” he took his seat upon the throne and looked up to the light “And I plan to do just that..” his gaze falling back to the empty room.

01/07/2019 06:42 PM 

FFXV Descendants 2: What’s My Name?

Ardyn: What’s my name….

Loqi: *Gets close to him and purrs* Ardyn~

Ardyn: WHAT’S …. MY name?

Aranea: *Comes up on the other side* Ardyn~

*Ardyn chuckles and walks across the the table* 

Ardyn: What’s my name? what’s my name?

Crew: Ardyn!

Ardyn: This is all hands on deck! calling out to Insomnia. I’m getting tired of this disrespect! I won’t stop ‘til the throne is mine. Tis my time, I am next! our airship’s about to be set. They ain’t seen nothing yet. Tell ‘em there’s a price so they won’t forget~

Ardyn: What’s my name? what’s my name?

Crew: Ardyn!

Ardyn: Say it louder~ what’s my name? what’s my naame~

Crew: Ardyn!

Ardyn: Feel my power~ no one’s gonna stop me soon the kingdom will be in my hand. What’s my name? What’s my name? what’s it? what’s it? say it, say it loud!

01/07/2019 06:39 PM 

FFXV Descendants: Evil Like Me

Noctis: Look at you, look at me, I don’t know who to be… father… is it wrong? is it right? be a thief in the night? father…. tell me what to do…

Regis: I was once like you my son, sightly insecure. Argued with my father too, thought I was mature. But I put my heart aside, and I used my head. Now I think it’s time you learned, what dear old papa said~

-Ardyn interruption-

Ardyn: Don’t you want to be evil, like me? don’t you want to be mean~ don’t you want to make mischeif, your daily routine? well you can spend your life attending to the poor… but when you’re evil doing less IS doing moooore!

Regis: -Facepalms-

Ardyn: Don’t you want to be ruthless, and rotten, and mad~ don’t you want to be very very good at being baaaad!

01/07/2019 06:29 PM 

FFXV Descendants 2: Ways To Be Wicked

All: We got all the ways to be! W-I-C-K-E-D! We got all the ways to be! W-I-C-K-E-D! hey! hey! hey! hey! hey! hey! hey! hey! hey! hey! hey! hey! hey! hey! hey! hey! hey!

Noctis: Crashing the party guess they lost my invitation, friendly reminder got my own kinda persuasion.

Prompto: Looks like this place could use a little misbehavior, happily ever after with a little flavor.

Gladiolus: Bad to the bone with even worse intensions, we’re gonna steal the show and leave them all defenseless.

Ignis: A fairytail life can be oh so overrated, so raise your voices and let’s get it activated.

All: Long, live, having some fun, we take what we want. There’s so many ways to be wicked. With, us, evil lives on, the right side of wrong, there’s so many ways to be wicked!

01/07/2019 06:25 PM 

FFXV Descendants: Rotten To The Core

Noctis: They say I’m trouble.. they say I’m bad.. they say I’m evil, that makes me glad.

Prompto: A dirty no-good, down to the bone. Your worst nightmare, can’t take me home.

Ignis: So I’ve got some mischief, in my blood. Can you blame me? I never got no love.

Gladio: They think I’m callous, a lowlife hood. I feel so useless..


Noct,Prom: Mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the baddest of them all? welcome to my wicked world…. wicked world!

All: We’re rotton to the core (core!) rotten to the core. We’re rotton to the core (core!) who could ask for more? I’m nothing like the kid next like the kids next door. We’re rotton to the core (core!) we’re rotton to theeeeeee (we’re rotton to the core!)

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