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[RP Advice] Crossover Content (Expanding Your Muse)
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We’re all familiar with contents of crossovers, and there is nothing better than a “what if...” idea when crossing one character into another verse!

Let’s start with the obvious; Crossing Over Content. It’s something video games and TV shows alike have been doing since as far back as I can remember! You guys remember the crossovers Disney held with House of Mouse and Club Mickey and Playhouse Disney yeah? that’s if you were around back then. But yes, Disney is one of the original starters of crossover content. They would cross over Aladdin and Hercules, Kim Possible and Lilo And Stitch.

Most recently, Final Fantasy XV became a game for crossover content as well; Assassin’s Fest, Terra Wars, Final Fantasy XIV. Crossover content is everywhere now a days, as for RPers? don’t ever be afraid to expand your muses and cross them into other verses. As a Noctis RPer, I crossed him into several other verses and he is rather accepted among others.

Some of the first crossover content I remember, aside from Disney, is Cartoonnetwork’s shows. They would throw in Dexter into The Powerpuff Girls, it was quite the surprise honestly. Granted it was a small cameo, it still crossed their shows over. Final Fantasy Dissidia is probably the BIGGEST area of crossover content ever. They take characters from the other titles and face them off in an almost unending battle to keep the realm alive. Their teams are even composed of different titles.

Crossover content is fun, but it’s ultimately up to YOU whether you want to engage in it. Don’t pressure anyone to crossover with you if they don’t want to do it.

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