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Character Information
Name: Chester Gardner.
Age: 28 years old.
Gender: Male.
Race: Human.
Sexual Preference: Straight.
Birthday: 21st of August.
Starsign: Leo.
Country of Birth: America.
Country of Residence: America.
Occupation: Millionaire.
Personality: Sly, Charming, Violent, and very possessive.
Talent/Talents: Anything that involves paying people off to do it for him.
Likes: Getting his own way, be it through shady means or using the money he has at hand.
Dislikes: Not getting his way.
Eye Color: Vibrant Green.
Wears Glasses: None.
Hair Color: Light Carrot orange.
Skin Tone: Natural white.
Height: 6’2” | 189cm.
Weight: 172 pounds | 78kgs.
Body Type: Well toned, keeps himself in shape. (He has a bit of a phobia of losing his good looks.)
Character History
Chester was born into a small family, a mother and a father; growing up to be quite spoiled, he grew used to getting whatever he wanted. But going through life he enjoyed taking the easy way around. By the time his parents realized, it were too late. They had created a monster, but before they could try and fix it, they perished in a house fire to which their only son had gotten out alive.

To this day no one actually knows what happened to his folks. But he profited in on their deaths after it were ruled as an electrical fault. So he invested that and made millions. He is quite intelligent, and knows what moves to make to avoid trouble. But he might make a mistake one day.
Made for the role-play with Love U.
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