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109 years old
Kyōto, KyŨto

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September 20 2014

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❂ Obito Kiseki Someone make sure Fei gets this link, I don't have access to his messages. http://www.aniroleplay.com/view_forum_topic.php?topic_id=10928&group_id=1562
Sep 10th 2014 18:57
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Mar 8th 2014 21:00

Hm, more of the Kiseki's? It's been a long time since I've seen you guys around.
It is good to keep it in secrecy, too much drama around now.

Feb 27th 2014 12:41

Not really, I've been into the Golden age of myspace, I am aware of your Clan, just surprised me that there's still some out there.

Feb 24th 2014 22:24

Hm, from the Kiseki? Interesting, I've heard little of that Clan. Pleasure to meet you.

Feb 13th 2014 00:04

Greetings, thank you for accepting my request, pleasure to meet you. I am Leblanc Buffi, Zoferi's Adherent.
--What Lies Beneath.

Jan 23rd 2014 19:10

Haha I simply wish to get the name out there, I know a group isn't made in a month or even a few: it takes awhile without some sort of pull to get members and well... I believe the lack of strong warriors is a sever problem: but it's not only strong warriors that's the problem, it's humble warriors. Everyones ego seems to get in the way, emotions get involved and then their ooc gets all pissy. I don't see the Kiseki as a tool for my own benefit, I see them as a family I'd be sworn to protect from an alliance and I wouldn't even ask for it in return. This alliance would be merely for activity, I wouldn't ask you to join in any of my conflicts unless you wanted to of course. Hm. I've made this pact a few times. Allow me to challenge you or one of your top contenders in combat, If I should win let these two groups be bonded through combat If I fail then by all means Kill me because I wouldn't be worth leadership if I would be so weak.




It's the new and improved version of my old mercenary group, I think it's quite nice in my opinion. Unifying all groups and people's in the name of peace, annihilating those that stand in my way and hopefully turning this competitive fighting thing into less about someones ego and more about skill and fairness. It's sorely lacking and while i'm relatively new to the fighting scene I've learned a lot in just a few days about how much someones arrogance can be a factor in fighting; some people are so childish these days.

--What Lies Beneath.

Jan 23rd 2014 18:24

I'm doing fine, I figured my only beef with the Kiseki was the writing out of Raisuke, but I'm not apart of solaris any more so I guess I don't care too much. New manage said out with the old in with the new, so I suppose I can't blame every Kiseki for one thing but anyway I'm starting, have started my own group, I find loyalty and activity are hard things to achieve without having them already in place and I was looking to make some alliances. I figure the stronger a military is the more activity and storylines it generates and just like a military it helps to have alliances with a wide range of groups. I am at war with Noctis and god, no i'm not even going to get into that.

Short story, I'd like to make an alliance with the Kiseki, but I will say it's relatively new, I only have a few good men and no real backing from anyone other than my friend the Xanthis. So if you decline I completely understand, but I'm hopeful one day this name will be known throughout the groups and have a large enough base that it becomes bigger than just my ambitions which would be a dream come true.

--What Lies Beneath.

Jan 23rd 2014 18:10

Evening Kiseki, Obito.
--What Lies Beneath.

Jan 11th 2014 19:23

Are the Kiseki still joining the Noctis in war?

--What Lies Beneath.

Jan 5th 2014 07:26

They're growing. Why? Oh you mean how I deleted everyone that wasn't a Nightingale from it. No yeah private info in the group, can't have wandering eyes.
--What Lies Beneath.

Dec 28th 2013 19:25

No, just thinking out loud to an unrelated matter. Well hopefully it will be a good fight but i'm sure I could take toshihides place.
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